Extreme risk: moving because of, or in spite of danger?

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Extreme risk makes the journey feasible:  decision-making amongst migrants in the Horn of Africa‘ challenges common assumptions about risk and decision-making and suggests that some migrants may move because of, rather than in spite of, the risks involved. It argues that high risk opens up new possibilities, for example, opportunities to move undetected when state control breaks down (as was the case with Yemen) or using it to force families to pay ransoms who wouldn’t endorse or pay for journeys otherwise. 

The research draws on evidence from qualitative interviews with respondents from predominantly Ethiopian and Somali communities. 

The open access paper by Oliver Bakewell and Caitlin Sturridge is due to be published in Social Inclusion, Vol 9.  

(c) IOM CC2.0
People fleeing Yemen arrives in Somalia (c) IOM [CC 2.0]
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