New working paper: Ethiopia-South Africa migration barriers and momentum

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Read our latest working paper Migration barriers and migration momentum: Ethiopian irregular migrants in the Ethiopia-South Africa migration corridor‘ by Yordanos Estifanos and Tanya Zack. 

The paper considers the key factors driving a persistent aspiration among Ethiopians from Hosaena and Durame towns, in southern Ethiopia, to migrate to South Africa (mainly to Johannesburg), despite intensifying restrictions and hostility. It focuses on the motivations of people who have migrated to South Africa and established a foothold in the informal trading sector. This irregular migration persists, despite the apparent deterrents of intensified securitisation and labour barriers erected against irregular migration, rising smuggling fees, high risks en route and of xenophobic hostility within the host country. It persists, despite the enhanced dependency of irregular migrants on enablers, including smugglers. The migration of Ethiopians to South Africa emerges out of combinations of migration drivers. Its momentum is sustained by several factors at both the receiving and the sending ends. Important forces within the array of drivers are the actual disparities in opportunities between the informal sectors in Ethiopia and South Africa and the allure of success and prosperity. The latter is a compelling spectre presented by established migrants and returnees, as well as by the fruits of their migration success evidenced in Hosaena and Durame towns.
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