Washington Post ‘Coronavirus economic impact: tumbling remittances’

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REF’s Laura Hammond has been providing comment to the Washington Post for their article on the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on remittances. The article ‘As coronavirus layoffs surge in richer countries, poorer ones lose vital remittance payments’ discusses how lives in the developing world will be disrupted as billions of dollars in remittances may not be sent or received because of the effects of Covid-19.

Somalia is particularly vulnerable to the effects and Hammond suggests that Somalis were among the first casualties of the pandemic.

“Most Somalis working abroad are employed in low-wage jobs — such as being hired as taxi drivers and retail workers or for domestic positions — that were among the first casualties of the pandemic”

Logistical issues add to the problems as many money-transfer networks have now shut down.

“so the question of how you get money to your relatives in Somalia, even if you have it, may be a challenge for many people.”

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