Queen Arwa Mosque in Jibla, Ibb province, Yemen

Migration Between the Horn of Africa and Yemen (Preliminary Findings B April 2017)

This research brief provides a summary of the preliminary findings of research being carried out by the Research and Evidence Facility (REF) on behalf of the EU Trust Fund for Africa. The purpose of the project is to explore the bi-directional migration flows between the Horn of Africa (HoA) and Yemen in order to identify areas of effective policy interventions. It should:

  1. Provide a rigorous, research-based analysis that improves understanding of the causes of dangerous and exploitative migration between the HoA and Yemen;
  2. Understand the actual and potential role of policy interventions in mitigating the impacts of this migration in areas of origin and transit in the HoA.

The research takes a comparative approach, looking at migration through the two main gateways between the HoA and Yemen: Puntland and Djibouti. Research teams have been established in Puntland (Bossaso, Garowe and Qardho), Djibouti (Obock and Djibouti town) and Yemen (Sana’a, Aden and Houdeidah). Field work has been ongoing for two months in Puntland and several weeks in Yemen. However, due to delays in securing the necessary government approvals, field work in Djibouti has been delayed.

As a consequence, the findings summarized in this report should be considered as preliminary and incomplete, and may be subject to change and modification as new and comparative data becomes available, in particular from Djibouti and Yemen. A final report will be made available following completion of fieldwork, which will include a detailed analysis of all findings, together with recommendations on gaps and opportunities for future programming.

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