Iceland Bans Palm Oil from its Own Brand Products

By palm-oil|June 14, 2018|Blog|0 comments

The British supermarket chain Iceland has reacted to the continuous environmental scandals in the global palm oil industry announcing this April to remove palm oil from its own products by the end of 2018. Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker stated in the interview that RSPO-certified (multi-stakeholder initiative Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) ‘sustainable’ palm oil does not exist due to continued deforestation of some of RSPO members and the persisting

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Fieldwork preparation: Challenges and things to consider

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The choice of my fieldwork countries in itself posed several challenges related to security, access, and transport. First, looking at the oil palm-producing regions in the Philippines, it became clear to me quite quickly that I needed to take extra precautions. Most of the oil palm plantations in the Philippines are based in Mindanao, which is commonly-referred to be less safe than other areas of the Philippines. Going through the travel

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