Meeting staff and students at Feroke College, Calicut, Kerala.

By Caroline Osella|November 23, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Open Society, a student organisation, invited me to speak and meet on campus on Nov 22nd.  I gave a short talk about the project and about Gulf migration, took some great questions, and had some thoughtful discussion.

  Discussion ranged around several issues, including: shifts in Kerala culture and lifestyle brought by Gulf; changes in attitude towards the desirability of migration from older generations (often highly favourable) to present young generation (sometimes sceptical and wary); reliance of Kerala on remittances; changes in household practice when male migrant father-husband is away.  I look forward to more interaction with these bright and engaged students and their very hospitable and thoughtful lecturers when I return in Jan 2018.

Kerala newspapers Madhyamam and Malayalam Manorama wrote up the meeting.


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