Abu Dhabi workshop coming up

By Caroline Osella|October 27, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

REALM project workers will be gathering in Abu Dhabi on November 14th and 15th 2017 to present their work to each other for discussion.  By next year, there may be some more public presentations and work in preparation for publication.

The presenters will be:  Sajida Ally; Hannah Bruckner; Swethaa Ballakrishnen; Dirgha Ghimire; Daniel Karell; Randall Kuhn; Othman Nour; Yaw Nyarko; Caroline Osella; Marie Percot; Ganesh Seshan; Irudaya Rajan; Caroline Theoharides; Susan Godlonton; Bilesha Weeraratne.

We will be presenting our initial empirical work and discussing together some of the project themes and issues, trying to connect our work together and raise some preliminary ideas about our findings so far.

I plan to add a very short trip to Calicut onto the back of this trip, where I will meet up with Nick Mathew, the MG University research assistant, and I will also be connecting with Kamura Art Community, thinking about ways in which we might make some of the project reach out into the community and engage people in non academic ways.






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