Ten Steps to a BREEAM-Y New Building.

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There is a buzzword in building these days – a green, faintly fishy word. BREEAM. It’s an acronym for an international, sustainable standard of construction: the altogether less memorable, Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. At SOAS – as anyone who studies or teaches here will know – we care about the environment. And over the last few years the School has set itself the goal of being greener. We’ve

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We couldn’t have done it without: Charles Holden (1875–1960)

By northblock|October 20, 2014|Architecture, Charles Holden, North Block, Senate House, University of London|0 comments

Senate House and its unmistakable facade was the vision of a quietly ambitious, Bolton-born architect called Charles Holden. Without him, the famous library might have looked quite paltry by comparison. In fact Holden’s initial vision for the University of London in 1931 was for something even bigger – a colossal structure with towers at both ends and a long central spine adjoined by a number of wings. The University turned

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