Ten Steps to a BREEAM-Y New Building.

By northblock|February 20, 2015|Awards, BREEAM, Carbon, Cycle Storage, Environment, Glass Roof, Green Project, North Block, Rainwater Harvester, Senate House, Sustainability, University of London|0 comments

There is a buzzword in building these days – a green, faintly fishy word. BREEAM. It’s an acronym for an international, sustainable standard of construction: the altogether less memorable, Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. At SOAS – as anyone who studies or teaches here will know – we care about the environment. And over the last few years the School has set itself the goal of being greener. We’ve

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I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles

By northblock|October 3, 2014|Cycle Storage, Glass Roof, Green Project, Informal Learning Space, Meeting Rooms, North Block, Senate House, Social Areas, Student Hub, Teaching Space, Vernon Square|0 comments

The walk from Vernon Square to the SOAS main campus takes just over twenty minutes. The journey, give or take some variation in your route, is a mile long. So, over the course of a year, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that you may walk five hundred miles between the two campuses to get to lectures or meetings. The Proclaimers were prepared to travel five hundred miles twice

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