Seminar rooms and lecture theatres taking shape

By Sohinee Sen|February 18, 2016|Uncategorized|0 comments

Since we last updated you, our team has been working hard to get the seminar rooms and lecture theatres ready in Senate House North Block.

Our new learning spaces are dynamic and state-of the-art, and will enhance the learning and teaching experience at SOAS.

Take a look at our progress so far…

The seminar rooms and lecture theatres on the third floor are nearing completion. Two of the lecture theatres can be made into smaller seminar rooms, using a durable acoustic partition sliding wall

All of the basics have been installed including heating, acoustic panelling, carpets, lighting.


One of our near-finished seminar rooms.

Close up of the acoustic panelling in the new rooms


There will be four lecture theatres in total in the North Block.

The second floor seminar rooms will be the next to be completed, followed by the first floor.

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