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It has been a while since the last North Block blog, so here are a few pictures to bring you up to speed on what has been happening since the start of the summer…
Senate House North Block - third floor

Some of the offices on the third floor (clockwise l-r: two academic offices, the old Director's office - which will be a meeting room, the Finance offices)


Up close to some of the features

Up close to some of the building's features (clockwise l-r: the floor has now been laid - it no longer feels like practice on the balance beam when walking around, the pipework in one of the toilets - there are three pipes: hot water, cold water and the rainwater harvester for flushing the toilet with recycled rain water, the wainscoting in the Finance office - the dark wood is original and was taken from somewhere else in the building and re-used here, so the heritage items are not wasted)

The frame for the new glass roof

The frame for the glass roof over the atrium is now in place and you can see the curved, pillow-shape. Some of the glass panels around the edge of the roof have been laid.


Adam, Keith and the roof in all its glory

Adam, Keith and the roof in all its glory

Craning a palette over the building to bring back more glass panels

Craning a palette over the building to bring back more glass panels. It was really interesting to see the workers in action while visiting the site. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to wait to see the crane on its return journey with the next glass panel. Maybe next time!



Work on the new lecture theatres has begun

Alumni & Friends Lecture Theatre (left), Wolfson Lecture theatre (right)

The new atrium and staircase

The floor has been laid in the atrium, and work on the staircase is progressing. It looks dark, but that's because of the scaffolding for the glass roof!

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