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By northblock|March 6, 2015|Drone technology, Filming, North Block, Senate House|0 comments

Where's Wall-E?

Two cameras, a tripod and a remote control drone. Not what you’d expect to find on an ordinary construction site. But there’s nothing ordinary about a SOAS construction site.

Last week, SOAS took to the skies, or rather a drone did, to capture shots of the North Block building and people hard at work. The drone reached lofty heights of 15m, hovering like a helicopter to take shots of the inside and outside of the North Block, needing a recharge every 20 minutes.

The images will be used as part of a short promotional film due to be unveiled later this year. The film documents Professor Trevor Marchand’s examination of the relationship between architecture, craft and the way in which people learn in the new extension to the SOAS campus.

We look forward to the premiere!


View from the drone

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