Ideas Hubs: The Sun and the dangers of made-up statistics – Dr Khadijah Elshayyal

By Myriam Francois|December 7, 2015|Ideas Hub|0 comments

Above: Dr Khadijah Elshayyal Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Muslims in Britain) The Alwaleed Centre University of Edinburgh Exclusive: shock poll – ‘1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis’ –  screamed the recent front page of The Sun newspaper. It seemed that the tabloid notorious for giving us inflammatory ‘Muslim stories’ in the past[1] had hit a new low. Over the past week, criticism for the headline, the poll, and indeed

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Ideas Hub: Emad Mostaque on “Daesh and the “Islamicisation” of Supremacism”

By Myriam Francois|December 1, 2015|Ideas Hub|2 comments

Emad Mostaque is the CEO of Ananas, an organisation working on using technology to eliminate extremism and build stronger communities. He is also an investment strategist focusing on geopolitics at Ecstrat. He tweets @EMostaque After the spate of recent terror attacks by Daesh, the Arabic acronym for the so-called “Islamic State”, the question of why they carry out these heinous acts and how we can stop them has resurfaced. While there are

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Question Time: Ben Stanford – Prevent on Campus: Stopping Extremism or Stifling Debate?

By Myriam Francois|November 9, 2015|Question Time|1 comments

Prevent on Campus: Stopping Extremism or Stifling Debate? Ben Stanford, Legal Fellow, Rights Watch (UK) At a recent event on the Prevent Strategy in universities, the former Business Secretary Vince Cable suggested that efforts to combat campus extremism may worsen the problem. Opposition to terrorism-related interventions in universities is not new: During the 2010-2015 Coalition Government, the then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg personally vetoed the plan to block extremist

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Speaker’s Corner: “10 years on from 7/7 – a good time to rethink our fight against terrorism” by Nohoudh PhD scholar Mohammed Abdul Aziz

By Myriam Francois|July 29, 2015|Speaker's Corner|0 comments

The following blog is a response by Nohoudh PhD scholar Mohammed Abdul Aziz to the Daily Mirror article, published on July 6th 215, entitled “UK terror attacks are inevitable and there’s nothing we can do to stop them, warn spy chiefs” which claimed that a “Mirror survey reveals up to 1.5 million Britons could be supporters of Islamic State”:    10 years on from 7/7 – a good time to rethink our fight

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