Speaker’s corner: London’s Muslim Mayor: the Politics of Progress, Division and Hope, by Dr. Sarah Hackett

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London’s Muslim Mayor: the Politics of Progress, Division and Hope By Dr. Sarah Hackett Sadiq Khan made history last week by becoming London’s first Muslim mayor. During the hours and days that followed his success, the press declared a victory for tolerance and diversity and a rejection of anti-Muslim prejudice, and Muslims across Britain were invited to express what Khan’s election means for themselves and their communities. London was portrayed

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Speaker’s Corner: ‘Prevent, Islamophobia and Civil Liberties’ – Why a National Conference on Prevent is Necessary; by Dr Waqas Tufail

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‘Prevent, Islamophobia and Civil Liberties’ – Why a National Conference on Prevent is Necessary  by Dr Waqas Tufail, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Leeds Beckett University   Revelations from The Guardian and CAGE in recent days concerning a covert government propaganda programme targeting British Muslims have shed yet more light on the state’s intrusive and seemingly unaccountable ‘counter extremism’ apparatus. Whilst supporters justify such measures as necessary in preventing terrorism, relatively little is

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Ideas Hub: The Problem with the Marrakesh Declaration, By Michael Mumisa (Shaykh)

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The Problem with the Marrakesh Declaration By Michael Mumisa (Shaykh), Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge       In January this year (2016), the “Marrakesh Declaration on the Rights of Religious Minorities in Predominantly Muslim Majority Communities” was launched in Morocco amid much fanfare. It was described as a response to the persecution of religious minorities by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Key among the declaration’s proposals, and as a solution,

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Speaker’s Corner: “al-Tabari and I: a female academic’s desire for the immortal scholar of Baghdad” by Ulrika Mårtensson

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Al-Tabari and I: a female academic’s desire for the immortal scholar of Baghdad by Ulrika Mårtensson   In my worldview, death and child rearing are intimately connected, and I therefore seek immortality by proxy only. Immortality has a name: Ibn Jarir al-Tabari (d. 310/923), another childless academic. Tabari produced vast, detailed, precise, and analytical scholarship in law, Qur’an interpretation, the Prophet’s tradition, and history, which transcends time and place: he

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Ideas hub: Unknown and Untold: The significance of Britains WW1 Muslim Soldiers, by Avaes Mohammad

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Unknown and Untold:  The significance of Britains WW1 Muslim Soldiers. By Avaes Mohammad “I think it began when Archie Duke shot an Ostrich because he was Hungry” Private Baldrick (Blackadder Goes Forth) Half way into the centenary commemorations Britain’s desire to honour the events and combatants of WW1 remain increasingly committed.  Each notable battle and treaty, act of valour and figure of heroism is visited in fresh light to ensure a

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Speaker’s Corner: Prof Tahir Abbas “What Too Many Believe About Muslims But Shouldn’t”

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What Too Many Believe About Muslims But Shouldn’t by Prof Tahir Abbas Former race warrior Trevor Phillips is a man who rarely shies away from outspoken commentary. In recent years, his post-equalities career has seen him back in the media, where he originally made his name at London Weekend Television in the 1980s. Phillips has presently turned his attention to British Muslims, and he asks all sorts of questions regarding

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Speaker’s Corner: Extremism and Terrorism – The Real Crisis Of Conscience, by imam Ajmal Masroor

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Extremism and Terrorism – The Real Crisis Of Conscience by Imam Ajmal Masroor The current crisis of extremism and terrorism engulfing the world is not a new crisis, not the first and it will not be the last either. It is called rebellion against the natural order. The first such rebellion is noted in the religious textbooks of Judaism, Christianity and Islam where the story of the Devil’s deception is

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Speaker’s Corner: The White (Wo)man’s Burden: Unclothing the Muslim woman, by Fatima Rajina

By Myriam Francois|April 4, 2016|Speaker's Corner|2 comments

The White (Wo)man’s Burden: Unclothing the Muslim woman by Fatima Rajina Take up the White Man’s burden, Ye dare not stoop to less—   Nor call too loud on Freedom To cloak your weariness; By all ye cry or whisper, By all ye leave or do,   The silent, sullen peoples Shall weigh your gods and you. Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The White Man’s Burden’ This piece is in response to Allison Pearson’s article

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Speaker’s Corner: Radovan Karadžić verdict: was justice granted? by Rameez Kaleem

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Radovan Karadžić verdict: was justice granted? by Rameez Kaleem Four years ago, I embarked on a journey to Bosnia. The purpose of the trip was to raise awareness about the forgotten genocide in Srebrenica as well as to show support to the families who were still rebuilding their lives almost 17 years post conflict. I spent a month living with a local Bosnian family in a rural village in the Republic

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Question time: Are some Muslim women’s dress codes incompatible with surgery? A doctor responds to the Sun newspaper.

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  Last week’s exclusive in the Sun newspaper reported how an NHS consultant was suspended after revealing that a female Muslim surgeon had been in breach of theatre safety standards when she refused to remove her blood stained hijab. Was the surgeon violating the code of ethics and professional standards by observing her faith whilst practicing her specialty? Should her colleagues have been afraid of being penalized for breaching equality

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