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Welcome to MuslimWise, the blog of the Centre of Islamic Studies at SOAS

MuslimWise is a new blog which aims to provide a platform to encourage scholars to debate and engage with broader public discourse on the basis of their research.

MuslimWise will foster discussions about mainly UK integration discourse as relates to Islam and British Muslims.

The blog aims to be topical and all articles featured strive for an academically grounded perspective but expressed in accessible terms.

The blog features several sections including:

Question Time: two leading voices offer their differing POVs on a burning question

Students can then respond to this, as part of a “RIPOSTES” section.

* Ideas Hub: a new POV on a controversial or burning question

Speakers Corner: PhD students offer opinion pieces on a current affairs issue
You can keep up to date with the SOAS-CIS work via our twitter @SoasCis
Keen to write for us? We accept pitches! Just email through your idea, summed up in 2-3 lines, with a short bio to mf59@soas.ac.uk
Topics must be related to Islam/Muslims/ UK/ ‘integration’ and ideally draw on academic research to inform current debates in the media/ public sphere.

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  1. I would like to submit a small piece about semantics and Islam. Please let me know how I can submit it for review by your publishers. Many thanks

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