South East Asia – November 2012

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A brief chronology of Vietnamese history / Hà Anh Thư, Tr̀ân H̀ông Đ́ưc. Ancestors in Borneo societies : death, transformation, and social immortality / edited by Pascal Couderc and Kenneth Sillander. Ancient Khmer sites in Eastern Thailand / Asger Mollerup. ASEAN 2.0 : ICT, governance and community in Southeast Asia / Emmanuel C. Lallana. Dai Lue-English dictionary / William J. Hanna. EU-ASEAN relations in the 21st century : towards a

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South East Asia – October 2012

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Archaeology of ceramics in Lãn Nã, Northern Siam / Sayan Praicharnjit. Biotic evolution and environmental change in Southeast Asia / [edited by] David J. Gower … [et al.] Bustan al-Salatin : the garden of kings : a Malay mirror for rulers / Jelani Harun. Chinese women : their Malaysian journey / compiled & edited by Neil Khor  Changing worlds : Vietnam’s transition from Cold War to globalization / David W.

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South East Asia – September 2012

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A woman of Bangkok / Jack Reynolds. Bangkok hard time / Jon Cole. Burma : a nation at the crossroads / Benedict Rogers. Flows and movements in Southeast Asia : new approaches to transnationalism / edited by Noboru ishikawa. Malaysian tales : retold & remixed / edited by Daphne Lee. Parties and parliaments in Southeast Asia : non-partisan chambers in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand / Roland Rich. Peacebuilding and

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Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies [electronic resource].

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Österreichische Zeitschrift für Südostasienwissenschaften (ASEAS)/ Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies (ISSN 1999-2521 (Print) and ISSN 1999-253X (Online) is a major publication of the Society for South-East Asian Studies (SEAS) in Vienna. It is interdisciplinary in nature containing articles and book reviews in German and/or English about the politics, culture, history and society of nations of South East Asia. It is published biannually and includes materials covering nations such as

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South East Asia – August 2012

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2010 International Seminar and Screening of Thai Cinema : proceedings, 16-18 April, 2010, Shanghai, China / [edited by Raksarn Wiwatsinudom … [et al.].]. A gentleman’s word : the legacy of Subhas Chandra Bose in Southeast Asia / Nilanjana Sengupta. An end to a war : a Japanese soldier’s experience of the 1945 death marches of North Borneo / written by Ueno Itsuyoshi, translated by Mika Reilly, edited by Richard W.

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Early Malay Printed Books in the SOAS Library’s Holdings

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SOAS Library has a treasure of early Malay publications in Arabic script (known as Jawi script), and most of them were published in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Until late 1990s, the SOAS holding of these books were kept on the open shelves of the main library at classmark IBA although a few of them might have been classified at IBC. However, after Ian Proudfoot published his catalogue on the Early Malay Printed

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South East Asia and Pacific – July 2012

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A history of Sino-Malaysian interactions / by Zhou Weimin, Tang Lingling ; adapted & ed. by See Hoon Peow ; translated by Tan Yau Chong. Belgian tourists in Burma, Siam, Vietnam and Cambodia (1897 & 1900) / Captain Georges ‘Puck’ Chaudoir, Mr. and Mrs. Émile Jottrand ; translated and with introductions by Walter E. J. Tips. Borneo transformed : agricultural expansion on the Southeast Asian frontier / edited by Rodolphe

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A Guide to Online Statistics for South-East Asia

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Here’s a guide to a number of electronic statistical resources as well as tips on assessing quality of information for South-East Asian studies. Official web sites from the countries of ASEAN region: Brunei The Department of Statistics for the Prime Minister’s Office of the Brunei Darussalam has collected and compiled national statistics and related information, by conducting statistical census and surveys, and from administrative records maintained by other agencies. Link:

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South East Asia and Pacific – June 2012

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Beyond combat : women and gender in the Vietnam War era / Heather Marie Stur. Early interactions between South and Southeast Asia : reflections on cross-cultural exchange / edited by Pierre-Yves Manguin, A. Mani, Geoff Wade. Earth dance / Oka Rusmini ; translated by Rani Amboyo and Thomas M. Hunter ; edited by Laura Noszlopy with an afterword by Pamella Allen. Engaging the spirit world : popular beliefs and practices

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South East Asia – May 2012

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Abhaya : Burma’s fearlessness / text and photogr.: James Mackay ; [ed. by Narisa Chakra]. Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma’s struggle for democracy / Bertil Lintner. Borobudur : majestic, mysterious, magnificent / John N. Miksic … [et al.]. Contemporary Southeast Asian performance : transnational perspectives / edited by Laura Noszlopy and Matthew Isaac Cohen. Diagnosing the Indonesian economy : toward inclusive and green growth / edited by H. Hill,

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