Religions – November 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|December 5, 2012|Religions|0 comments

e-books Mohajir militancy in Pakistan: violence and practices of transformation in the Karachi Conflict / by Nichola Khan. Available from Dawsonera Books A matter of belief: Christian conversion and healing in north-east India / Vibha Joshi  Islam, women, and violence in Kashmir: between India and Pakistan / Nyla Ali Khan. Islamic history: a very short introduction / Adam J. Silverstein Also available as an e-book  from Dawsonera New approaches to

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Responsa Project: trial running for another week

By Mary Fisk|November 23, 2012|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, Law, Religions|0 comments

Coordinated by Bar-Ilan University, the Responsa Project is the world’s largest online collection of Torah literature “The database includes the Bible and its principal commentaries, the Talmud Bavli and Talmud Yerushalmi with commentaries, Midrash, Zohar, Halachic Law (Rambam, Shulchan Aruch with commentaries), a large Responsa collection of questions and answers (‘Shut’ in Hebrew), the Talmudic Encyclopedia etc.” Go to  from any computer on campus to explore the database &

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Brill Encyclopedia of Hinduism: Free Trial

By Mary Fisk|November 16, 2012|Religions, South Asia|0 comments

  The Library has a free trial subscription to Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism until 6th December 2012. This new work “presents the latest research on all the main aspects of the Hindu traditions.”  Please note that online access is to the first volume only in what will ultimately be a five volume series Go to the Brill Online Reference Works on the A-Z Databases and select Encyclopedia of Hinduism (under the

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Religions – October 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|November 7, 2012|Religions|0 comments

Shoshannat Yaaqov : Jewish and Iranian studies in honor of Yaakov Elman / edited by Shai Secunda and Steven Fine The power of oratory in the medieval Muslim world / Linda G. Jones Hattha-Yoga : its context, theory, and practice / Mikel Burley ; with a foreword by David Frawley (isbn 9788120817067) Animals in the Qur’an / Sarra Tlili. Animism in rainforest and tundra: personhood, animals, plants and things in

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Launch of Critical Muslim 04: Pakistan?

By Farzana Whitfield|October 25, 2012|Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Religions, South Asia|0 comments

  The editors of the online journal Critical Muslim will be having a round-table discussion to launch volume 4, which focuses on Pakistan. The Journalist and Broadcaster, Ziauddin Sardar, deputy director of the Muslim Institute, Samia Rahman and the poet and playwright, Avaes Mohammad will be discussing many topics that include Pakistani modern fiction, separatist in Quetta and rude jokes in Lahore told by Shazia Mirza. For further details for this event

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New open-access journal

By Mary Fisk|October 16, 2012|Religions|0 comments have placed the journal Revue de l’Orient chrétien on open-access for its entire run. The journal was published in Paris between 1896 and 1936, including an Index volume. Click here to go to the Library catalogue to connect to the e-version. The Library also has print holdings at Per 30 / 204098 (shelved on Level F)

Book review: Women and the Messianic heresy of Sabbatai Zevi

By Mary Fisk|September 10, 2012|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, Religions|0 comments

Ada Rapoport-Albert’s latest book Women and the Messianic heresy of Sabbatai Zevi: 1666-1815 explores the role of female prophets, mystics and religious activities in the “heretical” Sabbathaian Jewish sect of the 17th to early 19th century, making comparisons with the role of women among the Hasidim at the time and contending that pre-modern roots of “feminism” can be found among the Sabbathaians rather than the Hasidim. She also looks at the place of Jewish female prophets

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Religions – August 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|September 5, 2012|Religions|0 comments

e-books e-books are available to SOAS staff and students only, on or off-campus. Sinister yogis / David Gordon White – ebrary The origins of yoga and tantra : Indic religions to the thirteenth century / Geoffrey Samuel – Dawsonera Yoga body: the origins of modern posture practice / Mark Singleton – Dawsonera Introducing world Christianity / edited by Charles E. Farhadian – Dawsonera Endings: a sociology of death and dying / Michael C. Kearl. – Dawsonera

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Reframing the Study of Muslim Diasporas in Britain

By Farzana Whitfield|August 29, 2012|Anthropology and Sociology, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Religions|0 comments

On the 15th September, SOAS will be holding a 1 day seminar reflecting on how Muslims in Britain have evolved through global events, government policies and academic affairs. Through cultural, literary and media studies, the day will explore and discuss Muslim society in Britain and the growing fascination with this ever growing area of study. For further details and to find out how to book a place, please view the following

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New online bibliography for Syriac Studies

By Mary Fisk|August 21, 2012|Religions|0 comments

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem has recently launched its Online comprehensive bibliography on Syriac Christianity. There has been an “ever increasing number of scholarly publications on matters relating to the history, culture and religious life of Syriac-speaking Christians” across the world. This is an ongoing project. The bibliography does not provide SFX links to library collections, but allows users to download lists of search results for future reference Click here to search or

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