Japan – January 2013

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Bones of contention : animals and religion in contemporary Japan / Barbara R. Ambros Plotting the prince : Shōtoku cults and the mapping of medieval Japanese Buddhism / Kevin Gray Carr Shinto shrines : a guide to the sacred sites of Japan’s ancient religion / Joseph Cali with John Dougill ; illustrations by Geoff Ciotti Local government migrant policies in Tokyo, Japan : national exclusion, local inclusion / Stephen Robert

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Japan – December 2012

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Kokugaku in Meiji-period Japan : the modern transformation of ‘national learning’ and the formation of scholarly societies / by Michael Wachutka Ryosai Kenbo : the educational ideal of ‘good wife, wise mother’ in modern Japan / by Koyama Shizuko ; translated by Stephen Filler Poor leadership and bad governance : reassessing presidents and prime ministers in North America, Europe and Japan / edited by Ludger Helms Japan and China as

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Japan – November 2012

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Japanese Buddhist temples in Hawaiʻi : an illustrated guide / George J. Tanabe and Willa Jane Tanabe. Ogata-mura : sowing dissent and reclaiming identity in a Japanese farming village / Donald C. Wood. A brief history of sexuality in premodern Japan / Saeko Kimura. A history of Japanese political thought,1600-1901 / Watanabe Hiroshi translated by David Noble. The invention of religion in Japan / Jason Ānanda Josephson. Pioneers of Sino-Japanese

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Japan – October 2012

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Re-reading the salaryman in Japan : crafting masculinities / Romit Dasgupta. Diplomacy : memories & visions / George Sioris. Oman and Japan : unknown cultural exchange between the two countries / Haruo Endo. Ancient Indian influence on Japanese culture : a comparative study of civilizations / Yoshihiro Kaburagi. Japan’s great stagnation : forging ahead, falling behind / W.R. Garside. The passive in Japanese : a cartographic minimalist approach / by

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Toshiba Lectures in Japanese Art: Japanese Porcelan-a four hundred year history

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The Toshiba Lectures in Japanese Art provide a seriese of three lectures to a broad public audience. This year’s lecturers will be given by Dr. Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere who will uncovers the history of Japanese porcelain from its complicated birth through its strong export period to its powerful contemporary presence. About Speaker: Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere is Professor of Japanese Art and Culture at the University of East Anglia and Research

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Japan – August and September 2012

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In pursuit of composite beauty : Yanagi Soetsu, his aesthetics and aspiration for peace / Nakami Mari. Ontology of production : three essays / Nishida Kitarō translated and with an introduction by William Haver.  Christianity and the notion of nothingness : contributions to Buddhist-Christian dialogue from the Kyoto school / by Mutō Kazuo edited by Martin Repp in collaboration with and translated by Jan van Bragt.  Soldier of God :

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Japan – July 2012

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Public opinion, propaganda, ideology : theories on the press and its social function in interwar Japan, 1918-1937 / by Fabian Schäfer Japanese religions / edited by Lucia Dolce Celebrity gods : new religions, media, and authority in occupied Japan / Benjamin Dorman Pop culture and the everyday in Japan : sociological perspectives / edited by Katsuya Minamida and Izumi Tsuji translated by Leonie R. Stickland Understanding Japanese society / Joy

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Japan – June 2012

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Buddhist fire ritual in Japan / Madhavi Kolhatkar, Musashi Tachikawa. Housewives of Japan : an ethnography of real lives and consumerized domesticity / Ofra Goldstein-Gidoni. Why economic slumps following economic crises turn out to be long and arduous : Japan’s experience of the lost decades / Tetsurō Sugiura. Hedge fund activism in Japan : the limits of shareholder primacy / John Buchanan, Dominic Heesang Chai, Simon Deakin. Continuous improvement strategies

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Japan and Korea – Jan-May 2012

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The historical consumer : consumption and everyday life in Japan, 1850-2000 / edited by Penelope Francks, Janet Hunter. The Japanification of children’s popular culture : from godzilla to miyazaki / edited by Mark I. West. Ŭmak sanŏp paeksŏ 음악산업백서 = Music. Pachinko and the Japanese society : legal and socio-economic considerations / Ichiro Tanioka ; English edition by Minae Osawa, Madeleine Vedel, Miki Okamoto. Japanese theatre transcultural : German and Italian

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Japan – May 2012

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Japan’s local newspapers : Chihoshi and revitalization journalism / Anthony S. Rausch. Scream from the shadows : the women’s liberation movement in Japan / Setsu Shigematsu. Urban spaces in Japan / edited by Christoph Brumann and Evelyn Schulz. The evolution of Japan’s party system : politics and policy in an era of institutional change / edited by Leonard J. Schoppa. Japan’s transnational environmental policies : the case of environmental technology

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