Japan – August 2013

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The political economy of transnational tax reform : the Shoup mission to Japan in historical context / [edited by] W. Elliot Brownlee… [et al.]. A disability of the soul : an ethnography of schizophrenia and mental illness in contemporary Japan / Karen Nakamura. Fukushima : a political economic analysis of a nuclear disaster / Schreurs Miranda A., Fumikazu yoshida. Liberal education in Japan : Deweyan experiments / by Kyoko Inoue,

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Japan – July 2013

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Books Mabiki : infanticide and population growth in eastern Japan, 1660/1950 / Fabian Drixler. Bureaucracy and bureaucrats in Japanese and Korean civil society / edited by Yoshiaki Kobayashi, Tobin Im. Imperial eclipse : Japan’s strategic thinking about continental Asia before August 1945 / Yukiko Koshiro. Asia for the Asians : China in the lives of five Meiji Japanese / Paula S. Harrell. Japanoise : music at the edge of circulation

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Japan – June 2013

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Empire of the Dharma : Korean and Japanese Buddhism, 1877-1912 / Hwansoo Ilmee Kim Constructing East Asia : technology, ideology, and empire in Japan’s wartime era, 1931-1945 / Aaron Stephen Moore Capital as will and imagination : Schumpeter’s guide to the postwar Japanese miracle / Mark Metzler Diplomacy in Japan-EU relations : from the Cold War to the post-bipolar era / Oliviero Frattolillo Nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi : social,

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Japan and Korea – June 2012 to May 2013

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朝鮮通信使の足跡 : 日朝関係史論 / 仲尾宏著. Women of the Yi dynasty / [edited by Park Young-hai ; translated by Choi Jin-young et al.]. 평화 를 사랑 하는 세계인 으로 / 문 선명. Elections in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan under the single non-transferable vote : the comparative study of an embedded institution / edited by Bernard Grofman … [et al.]. A slow walk through Jeong-dong / written by Michael Gib, illustrated by

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Japan – May 2013

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Empire of the Dharma : Korean and Japanese Buddhism, 1877-1912 / Hwansoo Ilmee Kim Inherited responsibility and historical reconciliation in East Asia / edited by Jun-Hyeok Kwak and Melissa Noble Satoyama–satoumi ecosystems and human well-being : socio-ecological production landscapes of Japan / edited by Anantha Kumar Duraiappah … [et al.] Japan’s outcaste abolition : the struggle for national inclusion and the making of the modern state / Noah Y. McCormack

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Japan – April 2013

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Icons and iconoclasm in Japanese Buddhism : Kukai and Dogen on the art of enlightenment / Pamela D. Winfield Books and boats : Sino-Japanese relations in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / Ōba Osamu translated by Joshua A. Fogel The search for the beautiful woman : a cultural history of Japanese and Chinese beauty / Cho Kyo translated by Kyoko Selden An imperial path to modernity : Yoshino Sakuzō and

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Japan – March 2013

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Japanese religions and globalization /  Ugo Dessì The record of Linji : a new translation of the Linjilu in the light of ten Japanese Zen commentaries / Jeffrey L. Broughton with Elise Yoko Watanabe Crossing boundaries in Tokugawa society : Suzuki Bokushi, a rural elite commoner / by Takeshi Moriyama Japan and the Pacific Rim / Dean W. Collinwood Japan’s strategy on the regional economic integration of the Asia-Pacific region

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The Asia House Festival of Asian Literature 7-22 May, 2013

By Farzana Whitfield|April 4, 2013|China and Inner Asia, Japan, Korea, Literature, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, South Asia, South East Asia|0 comments

Image taken from Asia House website: http://asiahouse.org/ Now in its seventh year, the Asia House Festival of Asian Literature is the only UK festival dedicated to writing about Asia and Asians, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific. This year they have widened the remit to include Turkey and parts of the Middle East. The 2013 Festival will feature authors writing about over 15 countries, including Afghanistan, Burma, China, India, Iran, Iraq,

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The Zen Gateway: new web resource

By Mary Fisk|April 4, 2013|China and Inner Asia, Japan, Religions|0 comments

Image of Mampukuji Temple (Kyoto, Japan) from Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mampukuji.jpg The Zen Gateway is a new magazine-style online community for those interested in the study, research into and practice of Zen (Chan) Buddhism, including related disciplines such as calligraphy, well-being and martial arts. Create an account to become a contributing member and add your own content. The Scholars and Academics section contains articles, comment and book reviews and the community website also hosts

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Japan – February 2013

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The periodical press in treaty-port Japan : conflicting reports from Yokohama, 1861-1870 / by Todd S. Munson. Shinran’s Kyōgyōshinshō : the collection of passages expounding the true teaching, living, faith, and realizing of the Pure Land / translated by Daisetz Teitarō Suzuki. Myth of Japanese uniqueness / by Peter Dale. Japan’s strategic challenges in a challenging regional environment / editors, Purnendra Jain, Lam Peng Er. Japan and reconciliation in post-war

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