Online bibliography of Semitic linguistics

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Hebrew square book script. Iraq. 11th century (from Schoyen Collection Manuscript) MS206: image from WikiMedia Commons ( Gregorio del Olmo Lete’s (University of Barcelona) A bibliography of Semitic linguistics (1940-2010) is a digitized PDF version of a traditional print bibliography, covering a wide range of Semitic languages from ancient Akkadian and Ugaritic, through Ethiopic to modern Hebrew and South Arabic. The site allows users to navigate easily between the different

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Ancient Near East Monographs on open-access

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The Society for Biblical Literature (Atlanta) in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios de Historia del Antiguo Oriente (Buenos Aires) has launched a platform for open-access e-versions the Ancient Near East monographs series Publications currently available to download or to read online include Alan Lenzi’s Reading Akkadian prayers and hymns (2011) Link to the open-access content from the Society of Biblical Literature website or from the Centro de Estudios de Historia del Antiguo

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Heaven on earth: open access book

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If you cannot wait for the library’s print copy of Heaven on earth: temples, ritual and cosmic symbolism in the ancient world (edited by Deena Ragavan) to arrive, you can download a PDF copy for free from the Oriental Institute (University of Chicago’s) website. This book is Oriental Seminar 9 Click here to go to the Oriental Institute website  and then click the red arrow icon (next to “terms of

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Ancient linguistics: Ugaritic and Hebrew

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Ugaritic inscription on an axe. Image from WikiMedia Commons: This article from the Jewish Daily Forward (New York) looks at how the ancient language Ugaritic (written in cuneiform characters) was decoded and how scholars noted its linguistic similarities to other Semitic languages of the ancient Near East, such as Phoenician and Biblical-era Hebrew Click here to read the article in Forward    If you want to follow “Philologos’s’”  recommendation and

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Zoroastrian cuisine and the Cyrus cylinder on open-access

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On the occasion of its silver jubilee in 2012, the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) , published online Eat, live, pray: a celebration of Zarathustri culture and cuisine. As well as being a culinary and cultural history of the Zoroastrians, the book contains 72 recipes contributed by members of the Zoroastrian diaspora community across the globe – such as Gos noo bafaat (meat in a sweet-and-sour coconut

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Round-up of recent web resources on Byzantium

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Siege of Constantinople (1453) from a manuscript in the Bibliotheque Nationale (France) (image from: ; [this file is in the {PD-US} domain in the United States] Portail des resssources Byzantines (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland) The public part of this portal includes Project Typika (a database of terms relating to artifacts and raw materials mentioned in Byzantine documents), an interactive guide to web resources on Byzantium and a traditional bibliography Dumbarton Oaks Resources

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Klezmer in the Park: September 2013

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The Jewish Music Institute (in association with the Jewish Media Group) presents the Klezmer in the Park Festival in Regent’s Park on Sunday 1st September Click here  to view the programme and to find out more about the Institute and the various genres of Jewish music represented at the festival

Prince Bertie’s holiday snaps …

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Prince Edward, photograph take between 1860 and 1865  Image from WikiMedia Commons: Also public domain in the US ( In 1862, “Bertie”, Prince of Wales (the future Edward VII), was sent on an “improving” 4-and-a-half month tour of the Middle East, visiting Egypt, the Holy Land and Constantinople. Accompanying him was the photographer, Francis Bedford, who took over 190 prints of the region – one of the earliest photographic records

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Book Review: Ancient Babylonian medicine: theory and practice / Markham Geller.

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Professor Dr. Markham Geller is a Visiting Professor at the Freie Universität in Berlin, and Director of UCL’s Institute of Jewish Studies. His recent monograph, Ancient Babylonian medicine : theory and practice (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010) has been reviewed by John Steele (Professor of Egyptology and Ancient West Asian Studies at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island) in the online journal Aestimatio (Vol.10, 2013) (Institute for Research in Classical Philosophy and Science) Professor Steele concludes

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