New ABS Journal Rankings Out!

By Victoria Bird|February 25, 2015|Financial and Management Studies, Unknown|0 comments

Today marks the launch of the new Association of Business Schools Journal Ranking (2015) edition. Everywhere, business journal publishers have been awaiting this with bated breath- it’s like their Oscars, but without the nice dresses. Following my own Oscar-worthy performance at the DeFims Research Away Day (see what I did there?!), I felt it would be interesting to blog about this event, and perhaps compare some titles against the previous

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Democracy Index 2013

By Victoria Bird|June 13, 2014|Africa, China and Inner Asia, Development Studies, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Politics and International Relations, South Asia, South East Asia|0 comments

Today, the BBC have highlighted the newly published 6th edition of the Democracy Index, from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), focusing on France. The report reflects the situation, as perceived by the EIU at the end of 2013. You can download this report for free from the Economist Intelligence Unit, although you do have to register for access. The report highlights a broader stagnation in the progress of the spread

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10th anniversary of Journal of Institutional Economics

By Victoria Bird|February 20, 2014|Economics, Financial and Management Studies|0 comments

To mark the 10th anniversary of Journal of Institutional Economics (JOIE), Cambridge University Press are making an online anniversary collection of papers freely available. This online only collection of papers features prominent articles from across the 10 volumes of the journal, including: What is an institution? John R. Searle Challenges and growth: the development of the interdisciplinary field of institutional analysis Elinor Ostrom Institutions and economic development: theory, policy and history Ha-Joon Chang

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UN report on Human Rights in North Korea

By Victoria Bird|February 18, 2014|Korea, Law, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

The UN Report containing the findings of the commission of inquiry on human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was published yesterday. The report documents in great detail the wide-ranging array of crimes against humanity allegedly being committed in the country. “The gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a State that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world,” it states. The Commission will formally

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Global Age Watch Index 2013

By Victoria Bird|October 2, 2013|Development Studies, Economics, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

To mark yesterday’s International Day of Older Persons, Help Age International has launched their Global AgeWatch Index. The Global AgeWatch Index aims to provide the first-ever overview of the wellbeing of older people around the world, showing what countries are doing to support their ageing populations. Whilst only 91 countries are included this year, it is claimed that this covers 89% of the global population of those over 60 years

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Selected African Economics articles available for free

By Victoria Bird|September 26, 2013|Africa, Development Studies, Economics, Financial and Management Studies, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

To celebrate the start of the new academic term, Wiley have kindly provided free access to a selection of articles on African Economics from across our social science and humanities journals. All articles are freely available until 31 December 2013. Access the full list of articles are on Wiley’s website. A total of 50 have been made available for use, and can be read online, downloaded, printed and saved. Examples of available

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Elections in the news

By Victoria Bird|August 2, 2013|Politics and International Relations|0 comments

Following several high-profile elections in the SOAS regions, the blog Elections in the News contains links to opinion and debate and is curated by an Academic Support Librarian at LSE. Photo from Flickr: “In the news” Some rights reserved by RambergMediaImages.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Country Indicators free from World Bank Group

By Victoria Bird|July 19, 2013|Financial and Management Studies|0 comments

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Country Indicators (MSME-CI) provides both the latest global snapshot and historic data back 20 years on the number of MSMEs in 132 world economies. Finding answers to questions such as: How many MSMEs are there in a given country? What share of employment do MSMEs provide? What is the firm size-breakdown within the MSME sector? How did the number of MSMEs change over the past

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Several useful resources for Social Scientists

By Victoria Bird|April 12, 2013|China and Inner Asia, Korea, Politics and International Relations, South East Asia|0 comments

Reproduced with permission from LSE’s Heather Dawson’s excellent “social science sites of the week” email- a round up of new and interesting news for Social Scientists. Thanks Heather! Amnesty international annual review of the Death Penalty. The Amnesty international annual review of the Death Penalty was released this week. See which country executed the most people. The site also has images and video content. Also useful is the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty which

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