Award-winning article on Late Babylonian Uruk by Kathryn Stevens (on open access until end of September)

By Mary Fisk|August 27, 2014|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica|0 comments

One of the two 2014 International Association for Assyriology Prizes for best first Assyriological article written after the PhD has been awarded to Kathyn Stevens for her article “Secrets in the Library: Protected Knowledge and Professional Identity in Late Babylonian Uruk” which was published in Iraq 75 (2013) pp. 211-253. In collaboration with Cambridge University Press, the British Institute for the Study of Iraq has made this article freely available through the new

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Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica – April 2013

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|April 25, 2013|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica|0 comments

Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations The Cyrus cylinder: the great Persian edict from Babylon / edited by I.L. Finkel The archive of Mušēzib-Marduk, son of Kiribtu and descendant of Sîn-nāṣir : a landowner and property developer at Uruk in the seventh century BC / Grant Frame. Commerce and colonization in the Mediterranean Bronze Age / Maria Eugenia Aubet. The Philistines and other “sea peoples” in text and archaeology / edited by

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Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica – June 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|July 6, 2012|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica|0 comments

Ancient Near East Mobile pastoralism and the formation of Near Eastern civilizations: weaving together society / Anne Porter Looking north : the socioeconomic dynamics of the northern Mesopotamian and Anatolian regions during the late third and early second millennium BC / edited by Nicola von Laneri, Peter Pfälzner and Stefano Valentini Une bibliothèque au sud de la ville : textes 1994-2002 en cunéiforme alphabétique de la maison d’Ourtenou / Pierre Bordreuil et

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