Linguistics – December 2013 to August 2015

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|August 14, 2015|Linguistics|

Argument structure in usage-based construction grammar : experimental and corpus-based perspectives / Florent Perek, University of Basel.Contrastive studies in construction grammar / edited by Hans C. Boas. Developing orthographies for unwritten languages / edited by Michael Cahill and Keren Rice. Ecolinguistics : language, ecology and the stories we live by / Arran Stibbe. If I could turn my tongue like that : the Creole language of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

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Languages and Linguistics – April 2013

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|May 28, 2013|Linguistics|0 comments

Language policy and identity construction : the dynamics of Cameroon’s multilingualism / Eric A. Anchimbe. Proverbes de la sagesse yaka : matsaba : traduits et annotés / Martial De-Paul Ikounga. Han, Il yang ŏnŏ ŭi ŏhwi taejo yŏn’gu : Puyŏŏ wa Ilbonŏ rŭl chungsim uro / Son Chong-yŏng. 한,일 양 언어 의 어휘 대조 연구 : 부여어 와 일본어 를 중심 으로 / 손 종영 Lexicology or early Korean and

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South Asia – July 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|July 30, 2012|South Asia|0 comments

South Asia Pakistans freedom & Allama Mashriqi : statements, letters, chronology of Khaksar Tehrik (movement) period : Mashriqis birth to 1947 / edited & compiled by Nasim Yousaf. Indian and Persian prosody and recitation / Hiroko Nagasaki ; English editing by Ronald I. Kim. Changing homelands : Hindu politics and the partition of India / Neeti Nair. Cross-disciplinary perspectives on a contested Buddhist site : Bodhgaya jataka / [edited by]

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Linguistics – May 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|June 18, 2012|Linguistics|0 comments

Language mixing and code-switching in writing : approaches to mixed-language written discourse / edited by Mark Sebba, Shahrzad Mahootian, Carla Jonsson. Code-switching in conversation : language, interaction and identity / edited by Peter Auer. Language change in contact languages : grammatical and prosodic considerations / edited by J. Clancy Clements, Shelome Gooden. A grammar of Comanche / Jean Ormsbee Charney. A grammar of Crow = Apsáalooke Aliláau / Randolph Graczyk.

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Linguistics – Jan to May 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|May 23, 2012|Linguistics|0 comments

Books Eish, but is it English? : celebrating the South African variety / Rajend Mesthrie with Jeanne Hromnik. Paradigm shift in language planning and policy : game-theoretic solutions / by Ettien Koffi. Theories of case / Miriam Butt. Prototypical transitivity / Åshild Næss. Differential subject marking / ed. by Helen de Hoop and Peter de Swart. Can these bones live? : translation, survival, and cultural memory / Bella Brodzki. Varieties

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Linguistics – April 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|April 30, 2012|Linguistics|0 comments

Meaning and relevance / Deirdre Wilson and Dan Sperber. Middle Arabic and mixed Arabic : diachrony and synchrony / edited by Liesbeth Zack and Arie Schippers.  Linguistic universals and language variation / edited by Peter Siemund. Language : the cultural tool / Daniel Everett.  [a.k.a “Cognitive fire” possibly US title] Minority languages in the linguistic landscape / ed. by Durk Gorter, Heiko F. Marten and Luk Van Mensel. Reciprocals and

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