[New e-Resources] Taiyo (太陽)

By Jiyeon Wood|May 9, 2022|Japan|

Taiyo ( 太陽= The Sun) is considered indispensable for the study of Japan’s modern period. Taiyo was a comprehensive magazine published by Hakubunkan (博文館) from January 1895 to February 1928 (a total of 34 volumes, 531 issues of approximately 175000 printed pages). It was Japan’s first general interest popular magazine which offered political, military, economic and social commentary as well as articles on the natural science, literary works, cultural trends and

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Linguistics – Jan to May 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|May 23, 2012|Linguistics|0 comments

Books Eish, but is it English? : celebrating the South African variety / Rajend Mesthrie with Jeanne Hromnik. Paradigm shift in language planning and policy : game-theoretic solutions / by Ettien Koffi. Theories of case / Miriam Butt. Prototypical transitivity / Åshild Næss. Differential subject marking / ed. by Helen de Hoop and Peter de Swart. Can these bones live? : translation, survival, and cultural memory / Bella Brodzki. Varieties

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South East Asia and Pacific – Jan-May 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|May 14, 2012|South East Asia|0 comments

Books The South Indian Muslim community and the evolution of the Jawi Peranakan in Penang up to 1948 / Helen Fujimoto. Du ngoạn trong âm nhạc truŷèn th́ông Vîẹt Nam / Tr̀ân Văn Khê.  Hát xoan : dân ca l̃ê nghi–phong tục / Tú Ngọc. Hát xoan, Hát ghẹo, ̉A đào, Ch̀âu văn : tuỷên chọn nh̃ưng làn địêu hay và đ̣ăc śăc / Túân Giang, sưu t̀âm, tuỷên chọn.

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