Finding company or industry information – digging deeper

By Victoria Bird|December 19, 2012|Economics, Financial and Management Studies|0 comments

How do you go about finding out who runs a business?Or information on a company? Or which firms are major players in an industry? Beyond merely Googling and then searching the webpage of said company, there is a myriad of sources available to you to research company data. Here are a few tips to get you started. Library Databases Business Source Premier: this database contains detailed company profiles for the world’s 10,000 largest

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Who’s the boss?! Global political leaders and government

By Victoria Bird|October 15, 2012|Politics and International Relations|0 comments

Finding out about world leaders and governments, both past and present, can be trickier than it sounds. Try some of these resources to get started on researching who is who and what they stand for: Parline, a database provided by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, contains information on the structure and working methods of 267 parliamentary chambers in all of the 190 countries where a national legislature exists. © Photographer Johnlric | Agency: World

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