Korea – August to October 2014

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The state, religion, and thinkers in Korean Buddhism / Robert M. Gimello … [et al.]. Global history of Korean Buddhism / Kim Yong-tae. Eastern learning and the heavenly way : the Tonghak and Ch’ŏndogyo movements and the twilight of Korean independence / Carl F. Young. The trust-building process and Korean unification / edited by Choi Jinwook. Claims to territory between Japan and Korea in international law / Pilkyu Kim. India

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Korea – July 2014

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Female images of God in Christian worship : in the spirituality of Tongsunggido of the Korean church / MyungSil Kim. Exploring Korea : traditional and modern / edited by the Center for International Affairs. South Korea’s rise : economic development, power and foreign relations / UK Heo, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Terence Roehrig, US Naval War College. Innovation and global competition : the case of Korea / editors, Frederick

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Korea – June 2014

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Function-based spatiality and the development of Korean communities in Japan : a complex adaptive sytems theory approach / David Rands. Consolidation of democracy in South Korea? / Gabriel Jonsson. North Korea–US relations under Kim Jong Il : the quest for normalization? / Ramon Pacheco Pardo. Korean education in changing economic and demographic contexts / Hyunjoon Park, Kyung-keun Kim, editors. Death, mourning, and the afterlife in Korea : ancient to contemporary

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Politics and International Relations – February 2013

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The political future of Hong Kong : democracy within Communist China / Kit Poon.  Democracy after democratization : the Korean experience / Jang-Jip Choi.  Regionalism and rebellion in Yemen : a troubled national union / Stephen W. Day.  Superstition as ideology in Iranian politics : from Majlesi to Ahmadinejad / Ali Rahnema.  The politics of nationalism in modern Iran / by Ali M. Ansari.  In the shadow of violence :

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Korea – July 2012

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Divided nations and transitional justice : what Germany, Japan and South Korea can teach the world / edited by Sang Jin-Han : with contributions from Kim Dae-jung and Richard von Weizsäcker Social forces and states : poverty and distributional outcomes in South Korea, Chile, and Mexico Political systems of East Asia : China, Korea, and Japan / Louis D. Hayes Trilateralism and beyond : great power politics and the Korean

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Art and Archaeology – July 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|August 3, 2012|Art and Archaeology|0 comments

Vernacular architecture in the twenty-first century : theory, education and practice / edited by Lindsay Asquith and Marcel Vellinga. Damien Hirst / edited by Ann Gallagher with contributions by Ann Gallagher … [et al.]. Ancient interactions : east and west in Eurasia / edited by Katie Boyle, Colin Renfrew & Marsha Levine. The search for immortality : tomb treasures of Han China / [edited by] James C.S. Lin. Chinese architecture

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Korea – May 2012

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Transnational sport : gender, media, and global Korea / Rachael Miyung Joo. Making and faking kinship : marriage and labor migration between China and South Korea / Caren Freeman. The domestic politics of Korean unification : debates on the North in the South, 1948-2008 / Kim Hakjoon. North Korea : beyond charismatic politics / Heonik Kwon and Byung-Ho Chung. Navigating turbulence in Northeast Asia : the future of the U.S.-ROK

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