Japan – August to October 2014

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Toshihiko Izutsu and the philosophy of word : in search of the spiritual Orient / by Eisuke Wakamatsu translated by Jean Connell Hoff. Gender, nation and state in modern Japan / edited by Andrea Germer, Vera Mackie and Ulrike Wöhr.  Japanese women and the transnational feminist movement before World War II / Taeko Shibahara. Claims to territory between Japan and Korea in international law / Pilkyu Kim. Lessons in sustainable

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Japan – July 2014

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Women and democracy in Cold War Japan / Jan Bardsley. Rise of a Japanese Chinatown : Yokohama, 1894-1972 Interpreting Japan : approaches and applications for the classroom / Brian J. McVeigh. The greatest problem : religion and state formation in Meiji Japan / Trent E. Maxey. Brewed in Japan : the evolution of the Japanese beer industry / Jeffrey W. Alexander. National police reserve : the origin of Japan’s self

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Japan – June 2014

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Geography of religion in Japan : religious space, landscape, and behavior / Keisuke Matsui. Reinventing citizenship : Black Los Angeles, Korean Kawasaki, and community participation / Kazuyo Tsuchiya. Function-based spatiality and the development of Korean communities in Japan : a complex adaptive sytems theory approach / David Rands. Capturing contemporary Japan : differentiation and uncertainty / edited by Satsuki Kawano, Glenda S. Roberts, and Susan Orpett Long. A lifelong process

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Japan – July 2012

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Public opinion, propaganda, ideology : theories on the press and its social function in interwar Japan, 1918-1937 / by Fabian Schäfer Japanese religions / edited by Lucia Dolce Celebrity gods : new religions, media, and authority in occupied Japan / Benjamin Dorman Pop culture and the everyday in Japan : sociological perspectives / edited by Katsuya Minamida and Izumi Tsuji translated by Leonie R. Stickland Understanding Japanese society / Joy

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Japan – April 2012

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The face of Jizō : image and cult in medieval Japanese Buddhism / Hank Glassman. Bonds of the dead : temples, burial, and the transformation of contemporary Japanese Buddhism / Mark Michael Rowe Japan’s shrinking regions in the 21st century / Peter Matanle and Anthony S. Rausch with the Shrinking Regions Research Group. Passionate friendship : the aesthetics of girls’ culture in Japan / Deborah Shamoon. The Okinawan diaspora in

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