Distinguished historian of Islam and SOAS Alumna: Patricia Crone

By Dominique Akhoun-Schwarb|July 16, 2015|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, History, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Religions|0 comments

One of the most important historians of Islam in the last 50 years and whose contributions were pivotal in the study of early Islam, Patricia Crone died at the age of 70 on 11th July 2015 in Princeton, New Jersey. Patricia Crone graduated from SOAS, University of London in 1969 where she learnt Arabic, adding later Persian and Syriac. Upon graduating with a First, she went on to write her

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Middle East & Islamic Studies : 15 Brill’s articles free accessible until 31 January 2015

By Dominique Akhoun-Schwarb|November 10, 2014|Gender, Law, Literature, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Philosophy, Religions|0 comments

“The following articles are freely available until 31 January 2015!* Islamic Law in the Modern World Author: Aharon Layish Islamic Law and Society, (Volume 21, No. 3, pp. 276-307) An Epistemic Shift in Islamic Law Author: Aria Nakissa Islamic Law and Society, (Volume 21, No. 3, pp. 209-251) Reconstructing Archival Practices in Abbasid Baghdad Author: Maaike van Berkel Journal of Abbasid Studies, (Volume 1, No. 1, pp. 7-22) The Early

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Book review: Muslim Identities: An Introduction to Islam / Aaron Hughes

By Mary Fisk|November 6, 2014|Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Religions|0 comments

Published in 2013 by Columbia University Press (New York), Aaron Hughes’ Muslim identities: an introduction to Islam is reviewed on H-Net (https://www.h-net.org) by Keren Abbou Hershkovits of the Middle Eastern Studies Department of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. She concludes that this introductory study is “helpful and illuminating” . Click here to read the full review and see further reading suggestions Muslim identities can be found in SOAS Library at N297 /

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Free access till 15/04/14: Brill’s 15 most downloaded journal articles in Middle East and Islamic studies

By Dominique Akhoun-Schwarb|February 7, 2014|Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica|0 comments

Brill publishers are making 15 most downloaded journal articles in Middle East and Islamic Studies freely available online till 15th April 2014. For more information follow this link: http://track.brill.nl/w.aspx?j=302826177&m=410F39F4409546DA9E4BC1DD16CBDE4F Examples of articles contained in that list: A New Introduction Sociology of Islam: Social, Political and Economic Transformations in Muslim Societies Authors: Gary Wood | Tugrul Keskin Sociology of Islam, Volume 1,No. 1‑2, pp. 1‑6 Introduction Authors: Camilla Adang | Meira

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List of Open Access Historical journals and newspapers in Middle East and Islamic Studies

By Dominique Akhoun-Schwarb|October 28, 2013|Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica|0 comments

A new and useful research tool has recently been published on the blog “Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources” (AMIR). This blog now features a list of historical newspapers and other periodicals freely available on the Web. It is organized by countries. Alphabetical List of Open Access Historical Newspapers and Other Periodicals in MiddleEast & Islamic Studies This list is open and will grow by way of crowd-sourcing: please report

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e-Médiathèque: a new online plateform of e-books and archives on Arabic and Islamic studies.

By Dominique Akhoun-Schwarb|October 16, 2012|Africa, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica|0 comments

e-Médiathèque is a multilingual (Arabic, Berber, French,…) digital library that gives open access to scientific and documentary collections (archives, images, manuscripts and prints) in humanities and social sciences of the Mediterranean region. Those collections are tied to the research activities of the Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme (MMSH) in Aix-en-Provence (France) in the fields of law, linguistics, ethnology, political and religious history, architecture, oral traditions, religion, etc. These studies

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