Chinese global investment

By Victoria Bird|October 14, 2013|China and Inner Asia, Development Studies, Economics, Financial and Management Studies, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

Britain has the highest total of Chinese investment in Europe, and ranks 8th globally, according to a report that has been published by a US conservative think tank. Worldwide, China and Chinese companies have been big investors in the energy and power sector over the last decade, with this accounting for almost half of all the money invested overseas. Metals and transportation are also popular investments. In Britain, the pattern

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FREE Access to a Wiley Special Collection of Articles on China and the World Economy: Investment and Trade

By Victoria Bird|March 7, 2013|China and Inner Asia, Economics, Financial and Management Studies, Unknown|0 comments

Wiley Publishers have created a special collection of articles, edited by Professor Shujie Yao, featuring 16 papers that “…have been carefully selected from a broad range of economic journals. All the papers have large numbers of downloads and citations, but they share a common focus of interest: China and the World Economy from an Investment and Trade Perspective.”  Professor Shujie Yao has provided a full introduction here, which is also available in Chinese. Simply click on

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New IDS Publications

By Farzana Whitfield|February 1, 2013|Development Studies|0 comments

Find links to the latest Institute of Development Studies publications which can be accessed for free from their website. From the Governance Team Does Better Provincial Governance Boost Private Investment in Vietnam? Neil McCulloch, Edmund Malesky and Nhat Nguyen Duc IDS Working Paper 414 From the Vulnerability and Poverty Team Equal Opportunities for All? – A Critical Analysis of Mexico’s Oportunidades Matina Ulrichs and Keetie Roelen IDS Working Paper 413

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Global Humanitarian Assistance Report- 2012

By Farzana Whitfield|August 17, 2012|Development Studies|0 comments

The GHA Report 2012 presents an assessment of the financial response for humanitarian assistance. This led to a widening gap for particular regions, as natural disasters in Haiti and Pakistan had overall impact on the collective humanitarian response and spending. The report examines, donors, delivery methods, financial participation and international humanitarian networks. To view the report online please click on the following link, this can also be reached directly from the

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Korea – May 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|May 8, 2012|Korea|0 comments

Transnational sport : gender, media, and global Korea / Rachael Miyung Joo. Making and faking kinship : marriage and labor migration between China and South Korea / Caren Freeman. The domestic politics of Korean unification : debates on the North in the South, 1948-2008 / Kim Hakjoon. North Korea : beyond charismatic politics / Heonik Kwon and Byung-Ho Chung. Navigating turbulence in Northeast Asia : the future of the U.S.-ROK

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