[New e-Resources] Bungei shunjū Archives (文藝春秋 アーカイブズ)

By Jiyeon Wood|May 9, 2022|Japan|

Bungei Shunjū is a general monthly magazine founded by the author Kikuchi Kan in January 1923. It is one of the most popular and influential literary magazine in Japan. It has been a central venue for numerous contemporary writers to publish their essays, debates and other literary works, including Akutagawa Ryūnosuke (1892-1927), Kume Masao (1891-1952), Kawabata Yasunari (1899-1972), Kobayashi Hideo (1902-1983), and Naoki Sanjūgo (1891-1934). Bungei Shunjū Archives offers online

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Sociology of Islam journal now in SOAS Library

By Mary Fisk|August 21, 2015|Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Religions|0 comments

SOAS Library has recently acquired both print and electronic subscriptions to the new Brill journal Sociology of Islam from Vol.1 (2013) onward. The publishers state that the journal will cover the  “modern social, political and economic transformations in Muslim Societies through the lens of sociological analysis, social theory, industrialization, modernity, social movements, secularism and political economy” We are awaiting the arrival of the print issues, but e-access is now live

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Free trial access to Hebrew journals collection on JSTOR

By Mary Fisk|September 22, 2014|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, Anthropology and Sociology, Linguistics, Literature, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Religions|0 comments

From today (22nd September) to 20th October, SOAS Library has free trial access to JSTOR’s Hebrew journals collection. These will be cross-searchable with other JSTOR content at http://www.jstor.org/. The scope of the collection covers a wide range of subjects from ancient history and religious studies, through literature to sociology, economics and public administration of contemporary Israel. Although primarily in Hebrew, journals also include abstracts and summaries of content in English.

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Journals – 2013

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|January 21, 2014|Journals|0 comments

All of these titles are available to all users on-campus, and to SOAS staff & students off-campus (where possible) using SOAS id and password to login. Africana Linguistica Volume 17 (2011) onwards. [on-campus only] Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development Volume 1(2010) onwards. Critical Policy Studies Volume 1 (2007) onwards. Food Chain Volume 1(2011) onwards. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy Volume 22(2004) onwards. Environment

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SOAS now has access to the online journal Religion Compass

By Mary Fisk|December 10, 2013|Religions|0 comments

Click here to go directly to full-text content from the online journal Religion Compass (2010 onward) You will also find it by searching the A-Z e-journals The journal covers all aspects of the study of Religions in a global context. By using the subject headings in the sidebar, you can immediately track down articles on a range of topics Religion Compass also hosts the academic platform Intertwined Worlds (on Muslim-Jewish

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Free access to three e-journals from Brill

By Dominique Akhoun-Schwarb|September 25, 2013|Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Philosophy, Religions|0 comments

For all non-SOAS staff or students (SOAS staff and students, you do have access to all those already!), a little piece of good news: Brill Publishing offers free individual access to three journals in Middle East Studies, by  using an access token: – Journal of Muslims in Europe, using token number JOME4U (valid until 31 December 2013) – Journal of Sufi Studies, using token number JSS4U (valid until 31 December

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China and Inner Asia – August 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|September 3, 2012|China and Inner Asia|0 comments

Database updates China Academic Journals (CAJ) 中国期刊全文数据库 now includes masters theses and doctoral dissertations The popular Chinese language database now includes access to masters theses (1999-2012) and doctoral dissertations (2000-2012). These can be searched or browsed individually or cross searched with all of our other CAJ packages. A small percentage of the articles are images which can be converted to text-based articles by using the OCR button. http://oversea.cnki.net/ [On-campus] http://bit.ly/CAJTheses

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China and Inner Asia – April 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|April 30, 2012|China and Inner Asia|0 comments

Journals Inner-Asia – Volume 1(1999) onwards. Books Newest trends in the study of grammaticalization and lexicalization in chinese /ed. Janet Zhiqun Xing. Confucian philosophy :innovations and transformations /edited by Chung-Ying Cheng and Justin Tiwald. Ming China, 1368-1644 :a concise history of a resilient empire /John W. Dardess. Merchants of Canton and Macao : politics and strategies in eighteenth-century Chinese trade /Paul A. Van Dyke. Reluctant regulators : how the West created

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Religions – April 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|April 29, 2012|Religions|0 comments

Journals Fieldwork in Religion – Volume 1 (2005) onwards. Journal of Korean Religions – Volume 1(2010) onwards. Journal of Religion and Popular Culture – Volume 24(2012) onwards. Books Transformations and transfer of Tantra in Asia and beyond / edited by István Keul. Early Christian books in Egypt / Roger S. Bagnall. Advaita Vedānta and Zen Buddhism : deconstructive modes of spiritual inquiry / Leesa S. Davis. European Muslims, civility and public life :

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