China and Inner Asia – September 2012

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China’s internal and international migration / edited by Li Peilin and Laurence Roulleau-Berger. 中日韓電影 : 歷史、社會、文化 / 邱淑婷. 新聞翻譯 : 原則與方法 / 李德鳳 China and the global financial crisis : a comparison with Europe / edited by Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Jean-François Di Meglio and Xavier Richet. 香港《中國旬報》研究 / 李谷城著 = Study of a Chinese periodical in Hong Kong : Zhonggue Xunbao / Li kwok sing. 北大, 五 · 一九 : 學生右派們是「怎樣煉成的」/

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China – June 2012

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Books Tibet : hitting the high roads / by Jia Lin Quick access to the People’s Republic of China : the first sixty years (1949-2009) / [Zhang Haixing, Qi Pengfei bian zhu]. Chinese literature : great tradition since the Book of songs / Yao Dan … [et al.] ; translated [from the Chinese] by Li Ziliang … [et al.]. Chinese food / Liu Junru ; [translated from the original Chinese

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