Art and Archaeology – January 2015

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How to write about contemporary art / Gilda Williams. International architecture in interwar Japan : constructing kokusai kenchiku / Ken Tadashi Ōshima. Beyond Bawa / David Robson with photographs by Richard Powers. The art of Indonesia / editor, Bachchan Kumar. Mīnākṣī-Sundareśvara : ‘Tiruviḷaiyāṭaṟ purāṇam’ in letters, design and art / R.K.K. Rajarajan, Jeyapriya Rajarajan. Horn please : the decorated trucks of India / Dan Eckstein. The cultural monuments of Tibet

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Art and Archaeology – September 2014

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Towards a new cultural cartography : Sharjah Biennial 11 March meeting 2013 / [editor, Karen Marta English editor, Media Farzin translation, Ismail Al Rifai]. This is not art : activism and other ‘not-art’ / Alana Jelinek. Surrealism and the exotic / Louise Tythacott. Interwoven globe : the worldwide textile trade, 1500-1800 / edited by Amelia Peck with contributions by Amy Bogansky … [et al.]. Indian and Islamic works of art

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Art and Archaeology – May 2014

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Desert road archaeology in ancient Egypt and beyond / edited by Frank Förster & Heiko Riemer. Art of merit : studies in Buddhist art and its conservation : proceedings of the Buddhist Art Forum 2012 / edited by David Park, Kuenga Wangmo and Sharon Cather. De la Chine aux arts décoratifs : l’art chinois dans les collections du musée des arts décoratifs / Béatrice Quette. The lost century : Japanese

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Art and Archaeology – April 2014

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The global art compass. New directions in 21st-century art. A reference guide to rock art : types and rock art sites in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania / edited by Gabrielle Dantz from high quality Wikipedia articles. Hans Ulrich Obrist : the China interviews / [edited by Philip Tinari and Angie Baecker]. Contemporary art in Shanghai : conversations with seven Chinese artists / Paul Gladston. Li Wei : lightness

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Art and Archaeology – January and February 2014

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The interrelationship of relics and images in Christian and Buddhist culture. Orientalisme, art islamique. Photography’s orientalism. New essays on colonial representation / Ali Behdad Luke Gartlan. La ruta de la seda : camino de caminos / Ana Ruiz Gutiérrez, Miguel Ángel Sorroche Cuerva (eds.). Contemporary art in Asia : a critical reader / edited by Melissa Chiu and Benjamin Genocchio. 동 아시아 예술 과 유가 미학 / 임 태승 [and

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Art and Archaeology – September 2012 to May 2013

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A great court painter of 18th-century Korean : the art of Kim Hong-do / Oh Ju-seok ; [translated by Lim Seon-young, Yang Ji-hyun ; revised by Mark S. Turnoy]. Archives, museums and collecting practices in the modern Arab world / [edited] by Sonja Mejcher-Atassi and John Pedro Schwartz. Archaeological theory today / edited by Ian Hodder. Embellished reality : Indian painted photographs : towards a transcultural history of photography /

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Art and Archaeology – October and November 2013

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Things done change : the cultural politics of recent Black artists in Britain / Eddie Chambers. Incredible Tretchikoff : life of an artist and adventurer / Boris Gorelik. Empires and diversity : on the crossroads of archaeology, anthropology, and history / edited by Gregory E. Areshian Asia & Spanish America : trans-Pacific artistic and cultural exchange, 1500-1850: papers from the 2006 Mayer Center Symposium at the Denver Art Museum /

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Art and Archaeology – September 2013

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The year one : art of the ancient world east and west / edited by Elizabeth J. Milleker with contributions by Joan Aruz … [et al.]. Screen of kings : royal art and power in Ming China / Craig Clunas. Farmer paintings in China / compiled by Chinese Farmer Painting Gallery translated by Transn. The Williams collection of Far Eastern ceramics. Chinese, Siamese, and Annamese ceramic wares selected from the

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Art and Archaeology – August and September 2012

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Archaeological theory today / edited by Ian Hodder. The lure of painted poetry : Japanese and Korean art / Seunghye Sun. Silk’ŭ Rodŭ esŏ on ch’ŏnbulto : Kungnip Chungang Pangmulgwan sojang Chungang Asia pyŏkhwa = Thousand-Buddha murals from Silk Road : Central Asian murals at National Museum of Korea / [p’yŏnjŏ, chŏnsi, yŏnch’ul, Kungnip Chungang Pangmulgwan Misulbu].; 실크 로드 에서 온 천불도 : 국립 중앙 박물관 소장 중앙 아시아 벽화

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Art and Archaeology – June to August 2012

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Cross-disciplinary perspectives on a contested Buddhist site : Bodhgaya jataka / [edited by] David Geary, Matthew R. Sayers, Abhishek Singh Amar. Orchha and beyond : design at the court of Raja Bir Singh Dev Bundela / Edward Leland Rothfarb. The Mucukunda murals in the Tyāgarājasvāmi temple, Tiruvārūr / V.K. Rajamani and David Shulman. The poetry of sculpture / Wu Weishan. Museums and biographies : stories, objects, identities / edited by

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