[New e-Resources] Taiyo (太陽)

By Jiyeon Wood|May 9, 2022|Japan|

Taiyo ( 太陽= The Sun) is considered indispensable for the study of Japan’s modern period.

Taiyo was a comprehensive magazine published by Hakubunkan (博文館) from January 1895 to February 1928 (a total of 34 volumes, 531 issues of approximately 175000 printed pages). It was Japan’s first general interest popular magazine which offered political, military, economic and social commentary as well as articles on the natural science, literary works, cultural trends and more. It is especially known for its literary criticism, Japanese literature, and translation of Western authors. 

SOAS Library users can explore this full-text journals via Japan Knowledge platform.

To access to Taiyo, please click the link below:

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