Philosophy: recent acquisitions for SOAS Library, April & May 2018

By Mary Fisk|May 25, 2018|Philosophy|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the Philosophy collections during April and May 2018.

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 Comparative and thematic

Explorations in global ethics: comparative religious ethics and interreligious dialogue / edited by Sumner B. Twiss and Bruce Grelle –

Disputed moral issues: a reader [4th edn]  / [edited by] Mark Timmons, University of Arizona. –

The moral life: an introductory reader in ethics and literature / Louis P. Pojman, Lewis Vaughn. –

Evil: a guide for the perplexed / Chad Meister.[2nd edn]  –

The Student Guide to Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed / Antonia Darder –

Religion within the boundaries of mere reason : and other writings / Immanuel Kant ; translated and edited by Allen Wood, Yale University, George di Giovanni, McGill University ; revised with an introduction by Robert Merrihew Adams. –

Philosophy: the quest for truth / [edited by] Louis P. Pojman, Lewis Vaughn [10th edn.] –

Aristotle’s “Metaphysics”: a reader’s guide / Edward C. Halper. –

Regional and faith-based

Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita: a contemporary introduction / Keya Maitra. –

Maimonides between philosophy and halakhah : Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s lectures on the Guide of the perplexed at the Bernard Revel Graduate School (1950-51) : based on the notes of Rabbi Gerald (Yaakov) Homnick / edited, annotated, and with an introduction by Lawrence J. Kaplan ; foreword by Dov Schwartz. –

Martin Buber’s theopolitics / Samuel Hayim Brody. –


Comparative & thematic

Foucault and Nietzsche: a critical encounter / edited by Alan Rosenberg and Joseph Westfall. –

Jean-Paul Sartre’s anarchist philosophy / William L. Remley. –

Free will and epistemology: a defence of the transcendental argument for freedom / Robert Lockie –

Kant’s transition project and late philosophy: connecting the Opus postumum and Metaphysics of morals / Oliver Thorndike. –

The aftermath of syllogism: Aristotelian logical argument from Avicenna to Hegel / edited by Marco Sgarbi and Matteo Cosci. –

Alienation and freedom / Frantz Fanon; edited by Jean Khalfa and Robert J.C. Young ; translated by Steven Corcoran. –

Utilitarianism; for and against [by] J. J. C. Smart [and] Bernard Williams. –

Contemporary debates in metaphysics / edited by Theodore Sider, John Hawthorne, and Dean W. Zimmerman. –

Schelling versus Hegel: from German idealism to Christian metaphysics / John Laughland. –

Rootedness: the ramifications of a metaphor / Christy Wampole –

Emancipatory Thinking: Simone de Beauvoir and Contemporary Political Thought. –

Sediments of time: on possible histories / Reinhart Koselleck ; translated and edited by Sean Franzel and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann. –


Regional & faith-based

Redefining the Muslim community: ethnicity, religion, and politics in the thought of Alfarabi / Alexander Orwin. –

DeColonial Judaism: triumphal failures of barbaric thinking / Santiago Slabodsky. –

The unbound God: slavery and the formation of early Christian thought / Chris L. de Wet. –

Arabic Thought against the Authoritarian Age: Towards an Intellectual History of the Present / edited by Jens Hanssen, Max Weiss. –

Hegel in the Arab World: Modernity, Colonialism, and Freedom. –


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