New acquisitions: Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica, February / March 2018

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This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library in the field of Ancient Near Eastern studies, Semitics and Judaica during February and March 2018. Please note that this section of the Library also includes material on the history and politics of modern Israel / Palestine.

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Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

Private and state in the ancient Near East: proceedings of the 58th Rencontre assyriologique internationale at Leiden, 16-20 July 2012 / edited by R. de Boer and J. G. Dercksen –

Divine and human hate in the Ancient Near East: a lexical and contextual analysis / by Andrew J. Riley –

Highlights of the collections of the Oriental Institute Museum / edited by Jean M. Evans, Jack Green, and Emily Teeter –

The royal mounds of A’ali in Bahrain: the emergence of kingship in early Dilmun / Steffen Terp Laursen, with contributions by Gianni Marchesi, Jesper Olsen [and] Thomas Van de Velde –

“Now it happened in those days”: studies in Biblical, Assyrian, and other ancient Near Eastern historiography presented to Mordechai Cogan on his 75th birthday / edited by Amitai Baruchi-Unna, Tova Forti, Shmuel Aḥituv, Israel Ephʹal, and Jeffrey H. Tigay. – 978-1575067-605

Spätsbabylonische Texte zum lokalen und regionalen Handel sowie zum Fernhandel aus dem Eanna-Archiv / von Kristin Kleber. –

The “Great itkalzi Ritual”: the Šapinuwa tablet Or 90/1473 and its duplicate ChS I/1 5 / Stefano de Martino and Aygül Süel –

The craft of a good scribe: history, narrative and meaning in the First Tale of Setne Khaemwas / by Steve Vinson. –

Therapeutic prescriptions against fever in ancient Mesopotamia / Andras Bacskay. –

Papyrus Amherst 63 / edited by Karel van der Toorn. –


Streams of gold, rivers of blood: the rise and fall of Byzantium, 955 A.D. to the First Crusade / Anthony Kaldellis. –

Jewish Studies

Diaspora boy: comics on crisis in America and Israel / by Eli Valley. –

Gershom Scholem: from Berlin to Jerusalem and back: an intellectual biography / Noam Zadoff ; translated by Jeffrey Green. –

The correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Gershom Scholem / edited by Marie Luise Knott ; translated by Anthony David. –

From forbidden fruit to milk and honey: a commentary on food in the Torah / Diana Lipton. –

On Jewish music: past and present [2nd edn.] / Joachim Braun. –

Against anti-Semitism: an anthology of twentieth-century Polish writings / edited by Adam Michnik and Agnieszka Marczyk –

The Decalogue and Its cultural influence / edited by Dominick Markl –

Heidegger and Jewish thought: difficult others / edited by Elad Lapidot and Micha Brumlik ; with Elan Reisner. –

The genius of Judaism / Bernard-Henri Lévy; translated by Steven B. Kennedy. –


Modern Israel / Palestine Studies

The Hebrew republic: Israel’s return to history / Colin Shindler. –



Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

A history of Babylon, 2200 BC-AD 75 / Paul-Alain Beaulieu. –


Byzantine Perspectives on Neoplatonism / Sergei Mariev (ed.) –

Jewish Studies

The Jewish Bible: a material history / David Stern. –

The Chinese Jews of Kaifeng: a millennium of adaptation and endurance / edited by Anson H. Laytner and Jordan Paper. –

Modern Israeli / Palestinian studies

The 1967 Arab-Israeli war: origins and consequences / edited by Wm. Roger Louis and Avi Shlaim. –

Mandatory separation: religion, education, and mass politics in Palestine / Suzanne Schneider. –

American presidents and Jerusalem / Ghada Hashem Talhami –









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