Online Privacy Guide for Journalists 2017

By Victoria Bird|August 29, 2017|Politics, Politics and International Relations, Research methods|

One of my summer jobs is the update of my various training materials. This includes working on the Digital Privacy and Security section of the Library’s online course Develop Your Information Skills.

One resource that I’ve just added to the collection, and that might be of interest is the Online Privacy Guide for Journalists 2017.¬†Covering topics such as communicating with sources, safeguarding your data, password management tools, securing your email and much more – the principles apply to all researchers, not just journalists.

It includes nuggets such as this timeline showing how long the NSA has been monitoring various online services:

From: Online Privacy Guide for Journalists 2017- accessed 29/08/17 from

Develop Your Information Literacy Skills is a quick way to brush up on skills such as searching for, evaluating and citing information. If you’re coming to SOAS, or returning in the new academic year, why not check it out to get ahead of the game?

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