Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica: new acquisitions in SOAS Library for June & July 2017

By Mary Fisk|July 31, 2017|Ancient Near East Semitics & Judaica, History, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Religion|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library in the field of Ancient Near Eastern studies, Semitics and Judaica during June and July 2017. Please note that this section of the Library also includes material on the history and politics of modern Israel / Palestine.

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Ancient Near Eastern Civilisations

The anti-witchcraft ritual Maqlû: the cuneiform sources of a magic ceremony from ancient Mesopotamia / Daniel Schwemer –

La vie méconnue des temples mésopotamiens / Dominique Charpin –

Vogel und Fisch – ein sumerisches Rangstreitgespräch : Textedition und Kommentar / Sabine Herrmann –

Atonement and purification: priestly and Assyro-Babylonian perspectives on sin and its consequences / Isabel Cranz –

From the four corners of the earth: studies in iconography and cultures of the ancient Near East in honour of F.A.M. Wiggermann / edited by David Kertai and Olivier Nieuwenhuyse. –

Letterature dell’antica Mesopotamia / Lorenzo Verderame –

Les archives de la princesse Iltani découvertes à Tell al-Rimah (XIIIe siècle avant J.-C.) et l’histoire du royaume de Karana/Qaṭṭara / Anne-Isabelle Langlois. –

Organization, administrative practices and written documentation in Mesopotamia during the Ur III period (c. 2112-2004 BC) a case study of Puzris-Dagan in the reign of Amar-Suen / Changyu Liu. –

The campaigns of Sargon II, King of Assyria, 721-705 B.C. / Sarah C. Melville. –

Forschungen in Resafa-Sergiupolis: Al-Mundir-Bau und Nekropole vor dem Nordtor. Basilika C / Thilo Ulbert; Michaela Konrad. –

Ishtar / Louise M. Pryke. –

At the northern frontier of Near Eastern archaeology: Recent research on Caucasia and Anatolia in the Bronze Age –

Proceedings of the 2nd Kültepe International Meeting. Kültepe, 26-30 July 2015. Studies dedicated to Klaas Veenhof / Fikri Kulakoǧlu & Gojiko Barjamovic (editors). –


Death and the afterlife in Byzantium : the fate of the soul in theology, liturgy, and art / Vasileios Marinis, Associate Professor of Christian Art and Architecture, The Institute of Sacred Music, Divinity School, Yale University. –

The Chronicle of Zuqnīn Parts I and II, From the Creation to the Year 506/7 AD / edited and translated by Amir Harrak. –

Byzantium and the emergence of Muslim-Turkish Anatolia, ca. 1040-1130 / Alexander Daniel Beihammer. –

The Principality of Antioch and its frontiers in the twelfth century / Andrew D. Buck. –


Hebrew and other Semitic Languages

The man who never stopped sleeping / Aharon Appelfeld; translated from the Hebrew by Jeffrey M. Green. –

A pigeon and a boy / Meir Shalev; translated from the Hebrew by Evan Fallenberg. –

Someone to run with / David Grossman; translated by Vered Almog and Maya Gurantz. –

The last Jew : being the tale of a teacher Henkin and the vulture, the chronicles of the last Jew, the awful tale of Joseph and his offspring, the story of secret charity, the annals of the Moshava, all those wars, and the end of the annals of the Jews / Yoram Kaniuk ; translated from the Hebrew by Barbara Harshav. –

The story of the encounter between monk Bahira and Muhammad, as it is recorded in the Syriac manuscript of Mardin 259/2: the monk encounters the Prophet / Abjar Bahkou –

The Chronicle of Zuqnīn Parts I and II, From the Creation to the Year 506/7 AD / edited and translated by Amir Harrak. –

Túrāṣ mamllā = Tūrrāṣ Mamllā : a grammar of the Syriac language / George Anton Kiraz. –

A unique Hebrew glossary from India: an analysis of Judeo-Urdu / by Aaron D. Rubin. –

Estudios de intertextualidad semítica noroccidental : hebreo y ugarítico / Gregorio del Olmo Lete. –

Jewish Studies

Rabbi Akiva: sage of the Talmud / Barry W. Holtz. –

The invention of Judaism: Torah and Jewish identity from Deuteronomy to Paul / John J. Collins. –

The teak almirah / Jael Silliman. [a novel about Jewish communities in India]

Modern Israel / Palestine Studies

A national home for the Jewish people: the concept in British political thinking and policy making 1917-1923 / Dvorah Barzilay-Yegar –

Where the line is drawn: crossing boundaries in occupied Palestine / Raja Shehadeh. –

City on a hilltop: American Jews and the Israeli settler movement / Sara Yael Hirschhorn –

The only language they understand: forcing compromise in Israel and Palestine / Nathan Thrall. –

The dream: a diary of the film / Mohammad Malas ; introduced and annotated by Samirah Alkassim.  –

Jerusalem 1900: the Holy City in the age of possibilities / Vincent Lemire ; translated by Catherine Tihanyi and Lys Ann Weiss. –




Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

A companion to Assyria / edited by Eckart Frahm. –


Performing Orthodox ritual in Byzantium / Andrew Walker White. –

Jewish Studies

Maimonides and the Merchants: Jewish Law and Society in the Medieval Islamic World –

The origin of the Jews [electronic resource]: the quest for roots in a rootless age / Steven Weitzman. –

Life is beautiful, but not for Jews: another view of the film by Benigni / Kobi Niv ; translated from the Hebrew by Jonathan Beyrak Lev. –

Modernity and the Holocaust / Zygmunt Bauman. –

Visual culture and the Holocaust / edited and with an introduction by Barbie Zelizer. –

Anxious Histories: narrating the Holocaust in Jewish communities at the beginning of the twenty-first century / Jordana Silverstein. –

Early Jewish Writings / Marie-Theres Wacker & Eileen Schuller –

Echoes of a lost voice: encounters with Primo Levi / Giorgio Calcagno, Gabriella Poli ; translated from the Italian by Nat Paterson ; edited by Carole Angier. –

Elements of ancient Jewish nationalism / David Goodblatt. –

Judaism, science, and moral responsibility / edited by Yitzhak Berger and David Shatz –

Multiculturalism and the Jews / Sander L. Gilman. –

Modern Israeli / Palestinian studies

The West Bank and Gaza Strip: a geography of occupation and dissent / Elisha Efrat –

Jerusalem 1900: the Holy City in the age of possibilities / Vincent Lemire ; translated by Catherine Tihanyi and Lys Ann Weiss –

Palestine LTD.: neoliberalism and nationalism in the occupied territory / Toufic Haddad. –




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