Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica: new acquisitions April and May 2017

By Mary Fisk|June 8, 2017|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, History, Religions|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library in the field of Ancient Near Eastern studies, Semitics and Judaica during April and May 2017. Please note that this section of the Library also includes material on the history and politics of modern Israel / Palestine.

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 Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

The Uşaklı Höyük Survey Project (2008-2012) / a cura di Stefania Mazzoni e Franca Pecchioli –

The Land before the Kingdom of Israel: a history of the Southern Levant and the people who populated it / Brendon C. Benz. –

Handbook of Neo-Punic inscriptions / Karel Jongeling. –

Altorientalische Siegel und Keilschriftdokumente im Archäologischen Museum der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster die Stiftung der Sammlung Tono Eitel / Georg Neumann ; mit Beiträgen von Ingo Kottsieper, Hans Neumann und Annik Wüthrich. –

Syria-Palestine in the late Bronze Age: an anthropology of politics and power / Emanuel Pfoh –

The economy of Late Achaemenid and Seleucid Babylonia / Reinhard Pirngruber –

Framing archaeology in the Near East: the application of social theory to fieldwork / edited by Ianir Milevski and Thomas E. Levy. –

Lukka’dan Likya’ya : Sarpedon ve Aziz Nikolaos’un ülkesi = From Lukka to Lycia : the land of Sarpedon and St. Nicholas / editörler/editors Havva İşkan, Erkan Dündar. –

Herrschaftslegitimation in vorderorientalischen Reichen der Eisenzeit / [edited by] Christoph Levin und Reinhard Müller –

Stone vessels in the Near East during the Iron Age and the Persian Period (c. 1200-330 BCE) / by Andrea Squitieri –

At the dawn of history: Ancient Near Eastern studies in honour of J.N. Postgate / edited by Yağmur Heffron, Adam Stone, and Martin Worthington. –

Sunlight and shade in the first cities: a sensory archaeology of early Iraq / Mary Shepperson. –

The Babylonian disputation poems: with editions of the series of the Poplar, Palm and vine, the Series of the spider, and the Story of the poor, forlorn wren / by Enrique Jimenez, Yale University. –

Audias fabulas veteres: Anatolian studies in honor of Jana Souckova-Siegelova / edited by Sarka Velharticka. –

Before nature: cuneiform knowledge and the history of science / Francesca Rochberg. – [also available as an e-book]

How to cope with death: mourning and funerary practices in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the International Workshop, Firenze, 5-6 December 2013 / edited by Candida Felli  –

The late third millennium in the Ancient Near East: chronology, C14, and climate change / edited by Felix Höflmayer ; with contributions by Matthew J. Adams … [and sixteen others] –

The tablets from the temple precinct at Nuzi / by Brigitte Lion and Diana Stein. –

An introduction to the grammar of Sumerian / Gábor Zólyomi, with the collaboration of Szilvia Jáka-Sövegjártó and Melinda Hagymássy –

A grammar of Old Assyrian / by N. J. C. Kouwenberg. –

Hittitology today: studies on Hittite and neo-Hittite Anatolia in honor of Emmanuel Laroche’s 100th birthday = L’hittitologie aujourd’hui : études sur l’Anatolie hittite et néo-hittite à l’occasion du centenaire de la naissance d’Emmanuel Laroche / Alice Mouton, éd. –

Being a man: negotiating ancient constructs of masculinity / edited by Ilona Zsolnay. –



Les Jafnides: des rois arabes au service de Byzance : VIe siècle de l’ère chrétienne : actes du colloque de Paris, 24-25 novembre 2008 / sous la direction de Denis Genequand, Christian Julien Robin. –

Hebrew and other Semitic Languages

ha-Balshanut ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yeme ha-benayim : ṭeḳsṭim u-meḥḳarim = Hebrew language study in the Middle Ages : texts and studies/ Ilan Eldar. –

Ḳeriʼat benayim / Goni Ṭishler ; Daliah Roṭ –

Ve-eileh divrei David : essays in semitics, Hebrew Bible and history of biblical scholarship / by S. David Sperling. –

Vicarious kingship: a theme in Syriac political theology in Late Antiquity / Manolis Papoutsakis –

Greek Influence on Egyptian-Coptic: contact-induced change in an ancient African language (DDGLC Working Papers 1) / edited by Eitan Grossman, Peter Dils, Tonio Sebastian Richter & Wolfgang Schenkel –

Persian martyr acts under King Yazdgird I / edited and translated by Geoffrey Herman –

The history of the ‘Slave of Christ’: from Jewish child to Christian martyr / Michael Aaron Butts, Simcha Gross. –

The Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon: a Coptic apostolic memoir / Alin Suciu. –

Exodus according to the Syriac Peshitta version with English translation / English translation by Mark Meyer; text prepared by George Anton Kiraz & Joseph Bali –

The works of Cyrillona / edited and translated by Carl Griffin. –

The Julian Romance: a new English translation / edited and translated by Michael Sokoloff. –

Jewish Studies

Rabbinic body language: non-verbal communication in Palestinian rabbinic literature of late antiquity / Catherine Hezser –

Jewish magic: before the rise of Kabbalah / Yuval Harari ; translated by Batya Stein. –

Stranger in a strange land: searching for Gershom Scholem and Jerusalem / George Prochnik. –

Ancient tales of giants from Qumran and Turfan: contexts, traditions, and influences / edited by Matthew Goff, Loren T. Stuckenbruck, and Enrico Morano. –

Dialogue de Timothée et Aquila: dispute entre un juif et un chrétien / traduction, introduction et notes par Sébastien Morlet. –

King Solomon’s table: a culinary exploration of Jewish cooking from around the world / Joan Nathan ; photographs by Gabriela Herman. –

Modernity, minority, and the public sphere: Jews and Christians in the Middle East / edited by S.R. Goldstein-Sabbah, H.L. Murre-van den Berg. –

Travels in translation: sea tales at the source of Jewish fiction / Ken Frieden. –

Resurrection of the dead in early Judaism, 200 BCE- CE 200 / C. D. Elledge –

Modern Israel / Palestine Studies

Old historians, new historians, no historians: the derailed debate on the genesis of Israel / by Raphael Israeli. –

A land without borders: my journey around East Jerusalem and the West Bank / by Nir Baram; translated from the Hebrew by Jessica Cohen. –

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: the politics of stalemate / edited by edited by Karl Cordell, Brendan O’Leary, Stefan Wolff. –

Pumpkinflowers : a soldier’s story / Matti Friedman. –

Mapping the Holy Land: the origins of cartography in Palestine / Bruno Schelhaas; Jutta Faehndrich; Halim Goren. –

Yitzhak Rabin: soldier, leader, statesman / Itamar Rabinovich.- [also available as an e-book]


Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

Encounters by the rivers of Babylon / edited by Uri Gabbay and Shai Secunda –

Rising Time Schemes in Babylonian Astronomy / John M. Steele –

Before nature: cuneiform knowledge and the history of science / Francesca Rochberg. –

Religion, society and culture at Dura-Europos / edited for the Department of Classics by Ted Kaizer (University of Durham). –


The Jewish-Greek Tradition in Antiquity and the Byzantine Empire / edited by James K. Aitken and James N. Carleton Paget. –

Hebrew and other Semitic languages

Classifying the Aramaic texts from Qumran: a statistical analysis of linguistic features / John Starr. –

Language change in the wake of empire: Syriac in its Greco-Roman context / Aaron Michael Butts. –


Jewish Studies

Tradition and the formation of the Talmud / Moulie Vidas. –

Synagogues in the works of Flavius Josephus: rhetoric, spatiality, and first-century Jewish institutions / by Andrew R. Krause. –

Judaism: history, belief and practice [2nd edn] / Dan Cohn-Sherbok. –

Fighting over the Bible: Jewish Interpretation, Sectarianism and Polemic from Temple to Talmud and Beyond / Isaac Kalimi-

Modern Israeli / Palestinian studies

Writing Palestine 1933-1950 / Dorothy Kahn Bar-Adon; edited by Esther Carmel-Hakim, Nancy Rosenfeld. –

Neoliberal apartheid: Palestine/Israel and South Africa after 1994 / Andy Clarno. –

Essential Israel: essays for the 21st century / edited by S. Ilan Troen and Rachel Fish. –

Yitzhak Rabin: soldier, leader, statesman / Itamar Rabinovich –

Gershom Scholem : an intellectual biography / Amir Engel. –

A national home for the Jewish people: the concept in British political thinking and policy making 1917-1923 / Dvorah Barzilay-Yegar. –



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