Trial of African Blue Books of Statistics, 1821-1953 – available until 1 May 2017

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The Library has arranged trial access to:

African Blue Books of Statistics, 1821-1953

– trial available until 1 May 2017

‘Blue Book’ is the name given to the annual statistical reports of the former British colonies in Africa. Colonial regulations issued in 1843 state: ‘The Annual Blue Book containing accounts of the Civil Establishment, of the Colonial Revenue and Expenditure and of various statistical particulars, etc. … must be filled up with the greatest possible accuracy and the Statistical Tables must be full and complete’. They are an essential tool for research into the the economic and political history of the colonial era in Africa.

The British Online Archives collection covers:

  • Basutoland 1926- 1946
  • Cape of Good Hope 1821-1909
  • Gambia 1828-1945
  • Gold Coast 1846-1939
  • Kenya 1901- 1946
  • Nigeria 1862- 1945
  • Northern Rhodesia 1924-1948
  • Nyasaland 1904-1938
  • Sierra Leone 1824-1943
  • Southern Rhodesia 1906-1953
  • Tanganyika 1921-1948
  • Uganda 1901-1945
  • Zanzibar 1913-1947

To access the trial please follow the link below:

On-campus access

Please send any feedback to Dawn Wright ( or Mary Fisk (

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