History: new book acquisitions in October / November 2016

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This is a selection of new titles, both print and electronic, acquired by SOAS Library for the History collections in October / November 2016.

Please note that only SOAS staff and students will have access to e-books

Comparative and thematic

The Silk Road: a new history with documents / Valerie Hansen – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046376

A global history of modern historiography / Georg G. Iggers, Q. Edward Wang and Supriya Mukherjee – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046397

The trouble with empire: challenges to modern British imperialism / Antoinette Burton – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046653

Divining history: prophetism, messianism, and the development of the spirit / Jayne Svenungsson ; translated by Stephen Donovan – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046985

The arcades project / Walter Benjamin; translated by Howard Eiland and Kevin McLaughlin ; prepared on the basis of the German volume edited by Rolf Tiedemann – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047164

Empires and bureaucracy in world history: from late antiquity to the twentieth century / edited by Peter Crooks, & Timothy H. Parsons –  https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047475

The Politics of the textbook / edited by Michael W. Apple and Linda K. Christian-Smith – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045884

From Herodotus to H-Net: the story of historiography / Jeremy D. Popkin – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047586

Remembering the Crusades and crusading / edited by Megan Cassidy-Welch – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050116

Recording oral history: a guide for the humanities and social sciences / Valerie Raleigh Yow [3rd edn]https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050177

Time matters: global and local time in Asian societies / editors, Willem van Schendel and Henk Schulte Nordholt – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050392

Small worlds: method, meaning, and narrative in microhistory / edited by James F. Brooks, Christopher R.N. DeCorse, and John Walton – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050716

The history thieves: secrets, lies and the shaping of a modern nation / Ian Cobain – https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox

Broadcasting empire: the BBC and the British world, 1922-1970 / Simon J. Potter – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050866

Blood and sand: Suez, Hungary, and Eisenhower’s campaign for peace / Alex Von Tunzelmann – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10051345

Interpreting late antiquity: essays on the postclassical world / G.W. Bowersock, Peter Brown, Oleg Grabar (eds.) – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10051560

Central Asia

Central Asia in world history / Peter B. Golden – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046467

China and Tibet

Preserving the Shanghai Ghetto: memories of Jewish refugees in 1940s China / by Zhang Yanhua and Wang Jian – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10042537

A Chinese life / written by Philippe Ôtié and Li Kunwu ; illustrated by Li Kunwu ; translated by Edward Gauvin – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046803

The Qing Empire and the Opium War: the collapse of the Heavenly Dynasty / Mao Haijian (East China Normal University and Macao University) ; with an introduction by Julia Lovell ; English text edited by Joseph Lawson – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047471

Historical dictionary of the People’s Republic of China / Lawrence R. Sullivan. [3rd edition] – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047473

The archaeology of early China: from prehistory to the Han Dynasty / Gideon Shelach-Lavi (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050065

Japan and Korea

A date with the Lonesome Lady: a Hiroshima POW returns / T.C. Cartwright – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050017

Paper cranes and mushroom clouds: the US-Japan conflict and the function of ethics in historical writing / by Alexandra Perry – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050616

Near and Middle East

The man in the white sharkskin suit: my family’s exodus from Old Cairo to the New World / Lucette Lagnado – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046225

Jewish Salonica: between the Ottoman Empire and modern Greece / Devin E. Naar – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046471

The medieval reception of the Shahnama as a mirror for princes / by Nasrin Askari. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046772

Seals and sealing practices in the Near East: developments in administration and magic from prehistory to the Islamic period: Proceedings of an international workshop at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo on December 2-3, 2009 / edited by Ilona Regulski, Kim Duistermaat and Peter Verkinderen – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046775

John of Brienne: King of Jerusalem, Emperor of Constantinople c.1175 – 1237 / Guy Perry – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047057

State formation and state decline in the Near and Middle East / edited by Rainer Kessler, Walter Sommerfeld and Leslie Tramontini. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050979

Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian communities in the world: theoretical frameworks and empirical studies / edited by Trevor Batrouney, Tobias Boos, Anton Escher [and] Paul Tabar – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050750

Imperial lineages and legacies in the Eastern Mediterranean: recording the imprint of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman rule / edited by Rhoads Murphey – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10051011

Blood and sand: Suez, Hungary, and Eisenhower’s campaign for peace / Alex Von Tunzelmann – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10051345

Archaeologists, tourists, interpreters: exploring Egypt and the Near East in the late 19th-early 20th centuries / Rachel Mairs and Maya Muratov – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10051878


The longing of the dervish / Hammour Ziada ; translated by Jonathan Wright – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047035

No knives in the kitchens of this city / Khālid Khalīfah; translated by Leri Price – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047036

 Oceania and the Pacific

The New Zealand Wars and the Victorian interpretation of racial conflict / James Belich – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050604

South Asia

Ardhakathanak = A half story / Banarasidas ; translated from the Braj Bhasha by Rohini Chowdhury ; preface by Rupert Snell – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045734

Colonialism, environment and tribals in South India 1792-1947 / Velayutham Saravanan – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046646

Muslim rule in medieval India: the culture of power and religion in the Delhi Sultanate / Fouzia Farooq Ahmed – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046648

The defining moments in Bengal, 1920-1947 / Sabyasachi Bhattacharya – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046953

Bibliography of the East India Company. Contemporary printed sources, 1786-1858 / Catherine Pickett – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050489

The Indian ideology / Perry Anderson – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047448

1984, the anti-Sikh violence and after / Sanjay Suri – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047456

I accuse … : the anti-Sikh violence of 1984 / Jarnail Singh ; with a foreword by Khushwant Singh – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047457

The socialist opposition in Nehruvian India, 1947-1964 / Boris Niclas-Tolle – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050120

Small town capitalism in Western India: artisans, merchants and the making of the informal economy, 1870-1960 / Douglas E. Haynes – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050705

Communications, media and the imperial experience: Britain and India in the twentieth century / Chandrika Kaul, University of St Andrews, Scotland – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050869

Southeast Asia

The foundations of the modern Philippine state: imperial rule and the American constitutional tradition in the Philippine islands, 1898-1935 / Anna Leah Fidelis T. Castañeda Anastacio – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045579

Environment, trade and society in Southeast Asia: a longue durée perspective / edited by David Henley, Henk Schulte Nordholt – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050056


E-Books: comparative / thematic histories

Recording oral history: a guide for the humanities and social sciences / Valerie Raleigh Yow – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050178

Thinking about oral history: theories and applications / Thomas L. Charlton – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050176

Experiences in liberal arts and science education from America, Europe, and Asia: a dialogue across continents / William C. Kirby, Marijk C. van der Wende, editors – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050386

Museums and biographies: stories, objects, identities / edited by Kate Hill – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050135

Colonialism and the object: empire, material culture, and the museum / edited by Tim Barringer and Tom Flynn. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050136

What is microhistory? : theory and practice / Sigurður Gylfi Magnússon and István M. Szíjártó – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050715

Cultures of the lusophone Black Atlantic / edited by Nancy Priscilla Naro, Roger Sansi-Roca, and David H. Treece – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050834

Gendered wars, gendered memories: feminist conversations on war, genocide and political violence / edited by Ayse Gül Altinay and Andrea Peto – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10051937

E-books: regional histories

A linguistic history of Arabic / Jonathan Owens – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050175

Archaeology, language, and the African past / Roger Blench – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050174

Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom: China, the West and the epic story of the Taiping Civil War / Stephen R. Platt – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050411

Small Town Capitalism in Western India: Artisans, Merchants and the Making of the Informal Economy, 1870-1960 / Douglas Haynes – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050709

Visualizing American empire: orientalism and imperialism in the Philippines / David Brody – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050061

Photographies East: the camera and its histories in East and Southeast Asia / edited by Rosalind C. Morris – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050062

An intimate war: an oral history of the Helmand conflict, 1978/2012 / Mike Martin – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050675

The longest journey: Southeast Asians and the pilgrimage to Mecca / Eric Tagliacozzo – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050710

Nationalism in Asia [electronic resource] : a history since 1945 / Jeff Kingston – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046330

Kings and Usurpers in the Seleukid Empire: the men who would be king / Boris Chrubasik – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10051923

The nation’s tortured body: violence, representation, and the formation of a Sikh “diaspora” / Brian Keith Axel – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10052037

Creating a New Medina [electronic resource]: State Power, Islam, and the Quest for Pakistan in Late Colonial North India / Venkat Dhulipala – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10001530

Sexual diversity in Asia, c. 600-1950 / edited by Raquel Reyes and William G. Clarence-Smith – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10052491









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