Religions and Philosophy. New book acquisitions September 2016

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This is a selection of books acquired for the Study of Religions and Philosophy collections in SOAS Library during September 2016

Click on the hyperlink to view the record on the Library catalogue. E-books will only be accessible to SOAS staff and students


Comparative and thematic

The mystic fable. Volume two, The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries / Michel de Certeau ; text established and presented by Luce Giard ; translated by Michael B. Smith –

Holy lands: reviving pluralism in the Middle East / Nicolas Pelham –

Motions of late antiquity: essays on religion, politics, and society in honour of Peter Brown / edited by Jamie Kreiner and Helmut Reimitz – .

Reconsidering religion, law and democracy: new challenges for society and research / edited by Anna-Sara Lind, Mia Lövheim, Ulf Zackariasson –

Rag and bone: a journey among the world’s holy dead / Peter Manseau. –

Taking rites seriously: law, politics, and the reasonableness of faith / Francis J. Beckwith, Baylor University –

Race, religion, and resilience in the neoliberal age / Cedric C. Johnson. –

Fallen angels and the history of Judaism and Christianity: the reception of Enochic literature / Annette Yoshiko Reed. –


The great transmission [videorecording] / produced by Barry Schieber ; directed by Pema Gellek –


Studies in Coptic culture: transmission and interaction / edited by Mariam Ayad –

Isaiah Shembe’s hymns and the sacred dance in Ibandla LamaNazaretha / by Nkosinathi Sithole

Conflict and conversion: Catholicism in southeast Asia, 1500-1700 / Tara Alberts –

Pushing boundaries: New Zealand protestants and overseas missions, 1827-1939 / Hugh Morrison –

An Ethiopian reading of the Bible: biblical interpretation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church / by Keon-Sang An –


Reclaiming Islamic tradition: modern interpretations of the Classical heritage / Elisabeth Kendall, Ahmad Khan –

Generation M: young Muslims changing the world / Shelina Janmohamed

The Qur’anic pagans and related matters: collected studies in three volumes / by Patricia Crone ; edited by Hanna Siurua –

Constructing Islam on the Indus: the material history of the Suhrawardi Sufi order, 1200-1500 AD / Hasan Ali Khan –


The great transmission [videorecording] / produced by Barry Schieber ; directed by Pema Gellek –


White lies: race and uncertainty in the twilight of American religion / Christopher M. Driscoll –

Fallen angels and the history of Judaism and Christianity: the reception of Enochic literature / Annette Yoshiko Reed. –

Exercices d’histoire des religions: comparaison, rites, mythes et émotions / Philippe Borgeaud ; textes réunis et édités par Daniel Barbu et Philippe Matthey –



An introduction to comparative philosophy: a travel guide to philosophical space / Walter Benesch –

From myth to reason? : studies in the development of Greek thought / edited by Richard Buxton –

Epistemologies of the South: justice against epistemicide / Boaventura De Sousa Santos –

Asian texts, Asian contexts: encounters with Asian philosophies and religions / edited by David Jones and E.R. Klein. –

Jan Patočka : philosophy and selected writings / Erazim Kohák –

The mutual cultivation of self and things: a contemporary Chinese philosophy of the meaning of being / Yang Guorong ; foreword by Hans-Georg Moeller ; translated by Chad Austin Meyers –

After appropriation: explorations in intercultural philosophy and religion / edited by Morny Joy –

The concealed art of the soul: theories of self and practices of truth in Indian ethics and epistemology / Jonardon Ganeri –

The self: naturalism, consciousness, and the first-person stance / Jonardon Ganeri –

Self, no self? : perspectives from analytical, phenomenological, and Indian traditions / edited by Mark Siderits, Evan Thompson and Dan Zahavi. –

The Bloomsbury research handbook of Chinese philosophy methodologies / edited by Sor-hoon Tan. – –

The story of philosophy / Bryan Magee –

A brief history of the soul / Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro. –


Eclipse of God [electronic resource]: studies in the relation between religion and philosophy / Martin Buber ; with introduction by Robert M. Seltzer. –

The Cambridge introduction to Walter Benjamin / David S. Ferris. –



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