History: New book acquisitions September 2016

By Mary Fisk|October 3, 2016|History, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Religions, South Asia, South East Asia|0 comments

This is a selection of books acquired for the History collections in SOAS Library during September 2016.

Click on the hyperlink to view the record on the Library catalogue. E-books will only be accessible to SOAS staff and students

Comparative and thematic

The power of place: rulers and their palaces, landscapes, cities, and holy places / David Rollason – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045578

The white man’s world / Bill Schwarz – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045701

The information: a history, a theory, a flood / James Gleick – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045943

Gateways of Asia: port cities of Asia in the 13th-20th centuries / edited by Frank Broeze – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045897

Central Asia

A rock between hard places: Afghanistan as an arena of regional insecurity / Kristian Berg Harpviken and Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045572

Near and Middle East

World War 1: impact on Palestine, a hundred year legacy / foreward by Richard Falk, edited by Sophia Akram – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046502

Memories of a Bygone Age Qajar Persia and Imperial Russia 1853-1902. / Edited and Tranlated by Michael Noël-Clarke – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045241

The Ottoman cities of Lebanon: historical legacy and identity in the modern Middle East / James A. Reilly – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045620

In search of kings and conquerors: Gertrude Bell and the archaeology of the Middle East / Lisa Cooper – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045724

The poisoned well: empire and its legacy in the Middle East / Roger Hardy-  https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046223

South Asia

A rock between hard places: Afghanistan as an arena of regional insecurity / Kristian Berg Harpviken and Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045572

Vicereine : the Indian journal of Mary Minto / edited by Anabel Loyd – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045588

A short history of the Mughal Empire / Michael H. Fisher- https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045727

Constructing Islam on the Indus: the material history of the Suhrawardi Sufi order, 1200-1500 AD / Hasan Ali Khan – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046773

Southeast Asia

Contesting Indochina: French remembrance between decolonization and Cold War, / M. Kathryn Edwards – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045580

The site of the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus in Singapore: entwined histories of a colonial convent and a nation, 1854-2015 / Sandra Hudd – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045582

Conflict and conversion: Catholicism in southeast Asia, 1500-1700 / Tara Alberts – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10045850

South Vietnamese soldiers: memories of the Vietnam War and after / Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015653


E-books: comparative and thematic

The global lives of things [electronic resource] : the material culture of connections in the early modern world / edited by Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047344

Oral history and digital humanities: voice, access, and engagement / edited by Douglas A. Boyd and Mary A. Larson – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046322

What is history now? / edited by David Cannadine – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046395

The rise and propagation of historical professionalism / by Rolf Torstendahl – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046396

A concise history of the world [electronic resource] / Merry Wiesner-Hanks – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046531

The theft of history / Jack Goody – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046516

Doing History [electronic resource] / Mark Donnelly and Claire Norton – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046554

 Orality and literacy [electronic resource]: the technologizing of the word / Walter J. Ong ; with additional chapters by John Hartley.- https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046561

 Big data in history [electronic resource] / Patrick Manning – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046971

Cosmopolitanism and empire: universal rulers, local elites, and cultural integration in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean / edited by Myles Lavan, Richard E. Payne, John Weisweiler – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047221

E-books: regional histories

Central Asia in world history / Peter B. Golden – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046468

Witnesses to a world crisis: historians and histories of the Middle East in the seventh century / James Howard-Johnston. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046469

The Arabic book [electronic resource] / Johannes Pedersen; translated by Geoffrey French ; edited with an introduction by Robert Hillenbrand. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046579

Chinese circulations: capital, commodities, and networks in Southeast Asia / Eric Tagliacozzo and Wen-Chin Chang, eds. ; foreword by Wang Gungwu – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046663

Autobiography, travel and postnational identity: Gandhi, Nehru and Iqbal / Javed Majeed – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046802

The Boxer Codex [electronic resource] : transcription and translation of an illustrated late sixteenth-century Spanish manuscript concerning the geography, ethnography and history of the Pacific, South-East Asia and East Asia / edited by George Bryan Souza and Jeffrey S. Turley ; transcribed and translated by Jeffrey S. Turley – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10046846

Mapping an empire: the geographical construction of British India, 1765-1843 / Matthew H. Edney – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047495

Sri Lanka in the Modern Age: a history / Nira Wickramasinghe – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047517

The domination of strangers: modern governance in eastern India, 1780-1835 / Jon E. Wilson – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10047479

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