Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica: new book acquisitions September 2016

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This is a selection of new books acquired for the Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica collections in SOAS Library during September 2016. Note that this subject area also includes modern Israeli / Palestinian studies

Click on the hyperlink to view the record on the Library catalogue. E-books will only be accessible to SOAS staff and students

Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

The SBL handbook of style: for biblical studies and related disciplines / Billie Jean Collins, project director ; Bob Buller, publishing director ; John F. Kutsko, executive director –

Exploring the Neo-Assyrian frontier with Western Iran: the 2015 season at Gird-i Bazar and Qalat-i Dinka / [edited by] Karen Radner, Janoscha Kreppner & Andrea Squitieri –

Revolt and resistance in the ancient Classical world and the Near East: in the crucible of empire / edited by John J. Collins and J.G. Manning –

Women in the Ancient Near East / Marten Stol; Translated by Helen Richardson-Hewitt & Mervyn Richardson –

Problems of canonicity and identity formation in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia / edited by Kim Ryholt, Gojko Barjamovic –

The religious aspects of war in the ancient Near East, Greece, and Rome / edited by Krzysztof Ulanowski. –

Hebrew and other Semitic languages

Acquisition and development of Hebrew: from infancy to adolescence / edited by Ruth A. Berman –

Jewish Studies

Jewish identities in East and Southeast Asia: Singapore, Manila, Taipei, Harbin, Shanghai, Rangoon, and Surabaya / Jonathan Goldstein –

Pious irreverence: confronting God in Rabbinic Judaism / Dov Weiss –

Fallen angels and the history of Judaism and Christianity: the reception of Enochic literature / Annette Yoshiko Reed. –

Modern Israeli / Palestinian studies

World War 1: impact on Palestine, a hundred year legacy / foreward by Richard Falk, edited by Sophia Akram –


Cosmopolitanism and empire: universal rulers, local elites, and cultural integration in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean / edited by Myles Lavan, Richard E. Payne, John Weisweiler –

Atlas of the ancient Near East: from prehistoric times to the Roman imperial period / by Trevor Bryce ; with an introductory section on the prehistoric Near East by Jessie Birkett-Rees –




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