Selected new acquisitions for the Study of Religions and Philosophy: June 2016

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The following is a selective list of new titles received in SOAS Library for the Study of Religions and Philosophy during June 2016

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Comparative and thematic

God & apple pie: religious myths and visions of America / Christopher Buck ; introduction by J. Gordon Melton –


The body incantatory: spells and the ritual imagination in medieval Chinese Buddhism / Paul Copp –

 Altered states: Buddhism and psychedelic spirituality in America / Douglas Osto –


Setting off from Macau: essays on Jesuit history during the Ming and Qing dynasties / by Tang Kaijian –

Jacob of Sarug’s Homilies on the six days of creation. Second day / edited and translated by Edward G. Mathews Jr.-

Jacob of Sarug’s homily on the Lord’s prayer / edited and translated by Morgan Reed –

Jacob of Sarug’s Homilies on the solitaries / edited and translated by Colby Scott ; edited and translated by Morgan Reed. –

The holy workshop of virtue : the life of John the Little / by Zacharias of Sakhā ; translated from Bohairic Coptic, Sahidic Coptic, and Syriac with newly edited Coptic texts ; edited by Maged S.A. Mikhail and Tim Vivian ; translations by Rowan A. Greer, Maged S.A. Mikhail, and Tim Vivian ; introduction by Tim Vivian and Maged S.A. Mikhail.  –

Selected discourses of Shenoute the Great : community, theology, and social conflict in late Antique Egypt / translated with introductions by David Brakke and Andrew Crislip –

 Christianity in Asia : sacred art and visual splendour / edited by Alan Chong ; Pedro Moura Carvalho, Clement Onn, István Perczel, Ken Parry, Lauren Arnold, Maria da Conceição Borges de Sousa, William R. Sargent –

 Ecclesiastic landscape of North Ethiopia: proceedings of the international workshop “Ecclesiastic Landscape of North Ethiopia: History, Change, and Cultural Heritage,” Hamburg, July 15-16, 2011 / edited by Denis Nosnitsin. –


The Rohingyas : inside Myanmar’s hidden genocide / Azeem Ibrahim –

Salafi-jihadism : the history of an idea / Shiraz Maher –

Essays in Islamic philology, history, and philosophy: a festschrift in celebration and honor of Professor Ahmad Mahdavi Damghani’s 90th birthday / edited by Alireza Korangy, Wheeler M. Thackston, Roy P. Mottahedeh, William Granara –

Qurʼanic studies today / edited by Angelika Neuwirth and Michael A. Sells –


One lifetime, many lives: the experience of modern Hindu hagiography / by Robin Rinehart –



Religion, identity and human security / Giorgio Shani –

 Muslims of Latin Christendom, ca. 1050-1614 / Brian Catlos, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of California, Santa Cruz –


On location: Aristotle’s concept of place / Benjamin Morison –

The Bloomsbury research handbook of Chinese philosophy and gender / edited by Ann A. Pang White –



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