Selected new acquisitions for History: June 2016

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The following is a selective list of new titles received for the History collections in SOAS Library during June 2016

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Comparative and thematic

The triumph of numbers: how counting shaped modern life / I. Bernard Cohen. –

Sex and control: venereal disease, colonial physicians, and indigenous agency in German colonialism, 1884-1914 / Daniel J. Walther – .

The wandering throne of Solomon: objects and tales of kingship in the Medieval Mediterranean / by Allegra Iafrate –

Globalization of knowledge in the post-antique Mediterranean, 700-1500 / edited by Sonja Brentjes and Jürgen Renn –

 Aventures extraordinaires 1911-1921 / Henry de Monfreid ; commentaires et notes de Guillaume de Monfreid –

 The Oral History Reader  [3rd edn.] / edited by Robert Perks and Alistair Thomson [also available as an e-book]

 Secret passions, secret remedies: narcotic drugs in British society, 1820-1930 / Terry M. Parssinen –


 East Africa

Subjects of empires/citizens of states: Yemenis in Djibouti and Ethiopia / Samson A. Bezabeh –

Thunder from the mountains: Mau Mau patriotic songs / edited by Maina wa Kinyatti –

 James Beauttah, freedom fighter / by John Spencer –

Central Asia

Threads of empire: loyalty and tsarist authority in Bashkiria, 1552-1917 / Charles Steinwedel –

The history of Central Asia [Vol.3]  / Christoph Baumer –


China and Tibet

Setting off from Macau: essays on Jesuit history during the Ming and Qing dynasties / by Tang Kaijian –

The Cultural Revolution: a people’s history, 1962-1976 / Frank Dikötter –

Defining and defending the Open Door Policy: Theodore Roosevelt and China, 1901-1909 / Gregory Moore. –

China since 1949 [3rd edn.] / Linda Benson

 Uyghur nation: reform and revolution on the Russia-China frontier / David Brophy –

Near and Middle East

Lire et écrire l’histoire ottomane / sous la direction de Vanessa Guéno, Stefan Knost. –

The Byzantine Turks, 1204-1461 / by Rustam Shukurov –

Eastern Rome and the rise of Islam: history and prophecy / Olof Heilo –

The Ottoman culture of defeat: the Balkan Wars and their aftermath / Eyal Ginio –

Slaves of one master: globalization and slavery in Arabia in the age of empire / Matthew S. Hopper –

 Le négoce des lieux saints: négociants hadramis de Djedda, 1850-1950 / Philippe Pétriat –

A cultural history of the Ottomans: the imperial elite and its artefacts / Suraiya Faroghi –

 South Asia

India and the First World War: ‘if I die here, who will remember me?’ / Vedica Kant ; foreword by Amitav Ghosh. –

Images of India in British fiction: Anglo-India vs. the metropolis / Sebastian Horstmann –

Darjeeling: the colorful history and precarious fate of the world’s greatest tea / Jeff Koehler –

Constitution making in Asia: decolonisation and state-building in the aftermath of the British Empire / edited by H. Kumarasingham –

A long watch: war, captivity and return in Sri Lanka / Commodore Ajith Boyagoda as told to Sunila Galappatti –


 Southeast Asia

South Vietnamese soldiers –

Atlas ilustrado Filipinas española –



The oral history reader [3rd edn.] / edited by Robert Perks and Alistair Thomson –

Reassessing orientalism: interlocking orientologies during the Cold War / edited by Michael Kemper and Artemy M. Kalinovsky.-

War in the modern world since 1815 / edited by Jeremy Black –

Muslims of Latin Christendom, ca. 1050-1614 / Brian Catlos, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of California, Santa Cruz –

Britain and China, 1840-1970: empire, finance and war / edited by Robert Bickers and Jonathan J. Howlett –

History of the Opium problem [electronic resource]: the assault on the East, ca. 1600-1950 / by Hans Derks. –











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