History at SOAS: a selection of new titles received April & May 2016

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This a a selective list of books on historical topics that were received during April and May 2016. Click on the hyperlink to go through to the entry on the SOAS Library catalogue

Thematic and comparative

This Orient isle: Elizabethan England and the Islamic world / Jerry Brotton – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013186

  • History (16th century), Christianity, Islam, interfaith relations, international relations.

 The civilisation of perpetual movement: nomadism in world politics / Nick McDonell – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013810

  • Nomads, nomadism, history (multi-period), comparative historical studies

 Suppressing illicit opium production: successful intervention and national drug policies / James Windle – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014020

  • Asia, Middle East, opium trade, drug control, human geography, sociology

A history of the global economy: from 1500 to the present / edited by Joerg Baten – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014174

  • Economic history, history (multi-period), global history, comparative historical studies

White innocence: paradoxes of colonialism and race / Gloria Wekker – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014366

  • Racism, post-colonialism, ethnic minorities

 British counterinsurgency: from Palestine to Northern Ireland / John Newsinder – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10008421

  • Great Britain, military history, insurgency, guerrilla warfare, counterinsurgency, terrorism

 Dynasties: a global history of power, 1300-1800 / Jeroen Duindam – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015611

  • Global history, history (multi-period), political history, royal houses, kingship, power (social science)

 End of empire: 100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world / general editors, David P. Chandler, Robert Cribb and Li Narangoa – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015694

  • Asia, pan-regional histories, history (20th century), World War II (1939-1945), international relations

 Postcolonial theory and the United States: race, ethnicity, and literature / edited by Amritjit Singh and Peter Schmidt – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10016063

  • Post-colonialism in literature, decolonization in literature, minorities in literature, race in literature

Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860-1911 / Charles V. Reed. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10016297

  • Imperialism (British), colonies (British), history (19th century), history (20th century), social history, cultural history, royal family (British), royal visits



West Africa

Le bois dans l’économie de la Côte d’Ivoire coloniale : 1880-1960 / Kassi Pascal Tano ; préface de Simon-Pierre Ekanza – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014180

  • Africa (West), Ivory Coast, history (19th century), history (20th century), imperialism (French), colonies (French), economic history, trade and commerce, forestry industry


Central Asia

The Kazakh khanates between the Russian and Qing empires: central Eurasian international relations during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries / by Jin Nodahttps://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015703

  • Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Eurasia, history (18th century), history (19th century), political history, nomads, international relations

 The Crimean War in imperial context, 1854-1856 / Andrew C. Rath – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013699

  • Russia, France, Great Britain, history (19th century), military history, Crimean War (1854-1856), imperialism (Russian), imperialism (British), imperialism (French)

 The struggle for the Eurasian borderlands: from the rise of early modern empires to the end of the First World War / Alfred J. Rieberhttps://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10006091

  • Eurasia, history (multi-period), military history, imperialism, social conflict, cultural pluralism, cultural conflict, borderlands, indigenous peoples (Eurasia)

 China and Inner Asia

Imperial China, 1350-1900 / Jonathan Porter – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013444 [also available as an e-book]

  • China, history (multi-period)

Accidental state: Chiang Kai-shek, the United States, and the making of Taiwan / Hsiao-ting Lin – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013584

  • Taiwan, China, United States, history (20th century), Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975), political history, international relations

Tientsin, la concessione italiana : storia delle relazioni tra Italia e Cina (1866-1947) / Alessandro Di Meo – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013762

  • China, Tianjin, history (19th century), history (20th century), social history, economic history, international relations, Italians (China)

The rise of political intellectuals in modern China: May Fourth societies and the roots of mass-party politics / Shakhar Rahav – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014205

  • China, Wuhan, history (20th century), political history, social history, intellectual history, radicalism, May Fourth Movement (1919), Yun Daiying (1895-1931)

General He Yingqin: the rise and fall of Nationalist China / Peter Worthinghttps://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015682

  • China, Taiwan, history (19th century), history (20th century), He Yingqin (1890-1987),Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975), biography

Imprimer sans profit? : le livre non commercial dans la Chine impériale = Non commercial books in Imperial China / textes édités par Michela Bussotti & Jean-Pierre Drège – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10016035

  • China, history (multi-period), social history, intellectual history, cultural history, printing industry, non-commercial publishing, grey literature

Japan and Korea

Churchill on the Far East in the Second World War: hiding the history of the “special relationship” / Cat Wilson – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014354

  • Japan, Great Britain, United States, history (20th century), World War II (1939-1945), Winston Churchill (1874-1965), political history, military history, international relations, historiography

The great East Asian war of 1592 and the birth of the Korean nation / JaHyun Kim Haboush ; edited by William Haboush and Jisoo M. Kim with Sixiang Wang, Hwisang Cho, and Ksenia Chizhova-Kim – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10007024

  • Korea, Japan, history (16th century), history (17th century), military history, political history, nationalism, war and society

 Near and Middle East

Taḥrīr-i Īlāmī : katībah-i Dāryūsh buzurg dar Bīstūn / Salmān ʻAlī Yārī Bābulqānī – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10008886

  • Iran, ancient history, inscriptions (Old Persian), Elamite language, Achaemenian inscriptions, Darius the Great

An Istanbul anthology: travel writing through the ages / edited by Kaya Genç – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014169

  • Turkey, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, history (multi-period), urban history, travel writing, documentary sources

 Anatomy of authoritarianism in the Arab republics / Joseph Sassoon – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014964

  • Arab countries, history (20th century), contemporary history, political history, international relations

Bagdad: la construction d’une capitale moderne (1914-1960) / par Caecilia Pierihttps://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013523

  • Iraq, history (20th century), Baghdad, urban history, architectural history , social history

Warfare, crusade and conquest in the Middle Ages / John Francehttps://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015190

  • Middle East, medieval history, military history, Crusades

 La France en terre d’Islam: empire colonial et religions, XIXe-XXe siècles / Pierre Vermeren – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013849

  • Middle East, Arab countries, history (19th century), history (20th century), imperialism (French), colonies (French), international relations

Crusade and jihad: origins, history and aftermath / Malcolm Lambert – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10014942

  • Middle East, Arab Countries, history (multi-period), Crusades, jihad

 Imperial matter: ancient Persia and the archaeology of empires / Lori Khatchadourian – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015651

  • Iran (ancient), Caucasus (ancient), imperialism (ancient), architecture and state, archaeology (Iran), excavations (archaeology)

 Bread from the lion’s mouth: artisans struggling for a livelihood in Ottoman cities / edited by Suraiya Faroqhi – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10016499

  • Turkey, history (multi-period), Ottoman Empire, economic history, social history, material culture

What the British did: two centuries in the Middle East / Peter Mangold – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10016860

  • Middle East, history (19th century), history (20th century), political history, imperialism (British)

South Asia

Globalization before its time: Gujarati traders in the Indian Ocean / by Chhaya Goswami; edited by Jaithirth Rao ; introduction by Gurchardan Das – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013383

  • India, Gujarat, Indian Ocean region, economic history, trade routes, trade and commerce, spice trade

Hybrid knowledge in the early East India Company world / Anna Winterbottom – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10013450

  • India, East India Company, Royal Society (Great Britain), history (17th century), history (18th century), intellectual history, collectors and collecting, imperialism (British), colonies (British)


Southeast Asia

Mobile citizens: French Indians in Indochina 1858-1954 / Natasha Pairaudeau – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10008527

  • Vietnam, history (19th century), history (20th century), Indochina, East Indians, East Indian diaspora

Nothing ever dies: Vietnam and the memory of war / Viet Thanh Nguyen – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015612

  • Vietnam, history (20th century), Vietnam War (1961-1975), social history, war and society, art and war, cultural memory


The Victorian empire and Britain’s maritime world, 1837-1901: the sea and global history / edited by Miles Taylor – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10015350

  • Imperialism (British), colonies (British), history (19th century), global history, maritime history, sea power, Royal Navy, e-books, Dawsonera

China since 1949 [3rd edn.] [electronic resource] / Linda Benson. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10017438

  • China, history (20th century), political history, economic history, social history, e-books, Dawsonera


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