Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica at SOAS: a selection of new titles received April & May 2016

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This is a selective list of new books received on topics relating to the Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica during April and May 2016. Please note that some of these titles may be shelved in the Art and Archaeology section (Level D) and that this section also includes books on modern Israeli / Palestinian studies (Level B)

Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

Iconography of “Neo-Hittite” seals / by Agata Kubala –

  • Hittites, seals (numismatics), Turkey (antiquities)

Ancient Mesopotamian religion and mythology selected essays / W.G. Lambert ; edited by A.R. George and T.M. Oshima  –

  • Assyro-Babylonian religion, gods (Assyro-Babylonian), mythology (Assyro-Babylonian) , Wilfred Lambert (1926-2011)

Royal apologetic in the ancient Near East / by Andrew Knapp –

  • Middle East, ancient history, kingship (ancient), rhetoric (ancient)

Rituels, mythes et prières Hittites / Textes édités, traduits et présentés par Alice Mouton. –

  • Hittites, mythology (Hittite), religion (Hittite), Ancient Near Eastern religion

Archaic cuneiform tablets from private collections / by Salvatore F. Monaco –

  • Iraq (ancient), Sumer, Sumer (antiquities), Sumerian language (texts), cuneiform inscriptions (Sumerian)

Mesopotamian incantations and related texts in the Schøyen Collection / edited by A.R. George –

  • Iraq (ancient), Assyro-Babylonian religion, incantations (Assyro-Babylonian), cuneiform inscriptions

“Vieni, lascia che ti dica di altre città”: ambiente naturale, umano e politico della Valle dell’Oronte nella tarda età del Bronzo / Luigi Turri. –

  • Lebanon (ancient), Syria (ancient), Turkey (ancient), Levant (ancient), Orontes River, Bronze Age, archaeology (Levant), excavations (archaeology)

Ancient Kanesh : a merchant colony in Bronze Age Anatolia / Mogens Trolle Larsen –

  • Turkey (ancient), Anatolia, Kanesh, urban history, Bronze Age, trade and commerce, archaeology (Turkey), excavations (archaeology)

Hebrew and other Semitic languages

Inheritance = (Yerushe) / Peretz Markish ; translated from the Yiddish by Mary Schulman ; edited by Mary Schulman, Joan Braman, and David Weintraub –

  • Yiddish poetry, Peretz Markish (1895-1952)

Jewish prayer texts from the Cairo Genizah : a selection of manuscripts at Cambridge University Library, introduced, transcribed, translated, and annotated, with Images / by Stefan C. Reif.-

  • Judaism, liturgy (Jewish), manuscripts (Hebrew), manuscripts (Judeo-Arabic), Cairo Genizah

Pearls from heaven / Elias Malke Assad; [preface by his holiness Moran Mor Ignatious Aphrem II] –

  • Syriac language (texts), manuscripts (Syriac), antiquities (Middle East)

Waking lions / Ayelet Gundar-Goshen –

  • Israeli fiction, Hebrew fiction (translations into English)

Havoc : new and selected poems / Linda Stern Zisquit –

  • Israeli poetry (English). Linda Zisquit

Jacob of Sarug’s Homily on the chariot that Prophet Ezekiel saw / translation and Introduction by Alexander Golitzin ; edited with notes by Mary Hansbury –

  • Christianity, Syriac texts, Bible, Book of Ezekiel, Jacob of Sarug

Gli atti di Qawesṭos martire etiopico : (sec. XIV) / [edizione critica, traduzione e note di] Osvaldo Raineri –

  • Christianity (Ethiopia), Ethiopic language, Ethiopic texts, manuscripts (Ethiopic), Church history (medieval) , Qawestos (14th century), martyrs (Christian), religious biography

 Jewish Studies

Jewish prayer texts from the Cairo Genizah : a selection of manuscripts at Cambridge University Library, introduced, transcribed, translated, and annotated, with Images / by Stefan C. Reif.-

  • Judaism, liturgy (Jewish), manuscripts (Hebrew), manuscripts (Judeo-Arabic), Cairo Genizah

Death in Jewish life: burial and mourning customs among Jews of Europe and nearby communities / edited by Stefan C. Reif, Andreas Lehnardt and Avriel Bar-Levav –

  • Judaism, Jewish diaspora (Europe), mourning customs (Jewish), death (religious aspects)

Sufism and Jewish-Muslim relations: the Derekh Avraham Order in Israel / Yafiah Katherine Randall. –

  • Islam (Israel), Judaism, Sufism, interfaith relations, Jewish-Arab relations, mysticism (Islamic), mysticism (Jewish), Derekh Avraham Order

 Modern Israeli / Palestinian Studies

Hamas: terrorism, governance, and its future in Middle East politics / Jennifer Jefferis –

  • Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-Islāmīyah, political parties (Middle East), Hamas, terrorism (Middle East)

 American Christian support for Israel: standing with the Chosen People, 1948-1975 / Eric R. Crouse –

  • Israel, United States, history (20th century), Christian Zionism, international relations

 The pro-Israel lobby in Europe: the politics of religion and Christian Zionism in the European Union. / Elvira King –

  • Israel, European Union Countries, Christian Zionism, international relations

Israel’s military operations in Gaza: telegenic lawfare and warfare / Marouf Hasian, Jr. –

  • Israel, Gaza Strip, Arab-Israeli conflict

Gaza as metaphor / edited by Helga Tawil-Souri and Dina Matar –

  • Gaza Strip, Arab-Israeli conflict

Refuting the anti-Israel narrative: a case for the historical, legal and moral legitimacy of the Jewish state. / Jeremy Havardi –

  • Israel, West Bank, Arab-Israeli conflict, public opinion, legitimacy of governments. Israel (international status), Israel (in mass media)

 Till we have built Jerusalem: architects of a new city / Adina Hoffman –

  • Israel, Jerusalem, history (20th century), urban history, architectural history, architects, biography

 Zionism in Arab discourses / Uriya Shavit and Ofir Winter –

  • Israel, Palestine, Arab-Israeli conflict, Zionism, religion and politics

Inside Israel’s northern command: the Yom Kippur war on the Syrian border. / edited by Dani Asher –

  • Israel, Syria, history (20th century), military history, Israel-Arab War (1973), Yom-Kippur War

 The drone eats with me: diaries from a city under fire / by Atef Abu Saif ; with a foreword by Noam Chomsky ; illustrations by Janice Hickman –

  • Gaza Strip, Occupied Territories, politics and government (Gaza Strip), social conditions (Gaza Strip)


Shadow in Baghdad / produced by Zygote Films for Yes Doco ; with Seconde Vague Productions present ; directed by Duki Dror ; script, Galia Engelmayer Dror ; producers, Yael Shavit, Paul Saadoun, Duki Dror –

  • Jews (Iraq), history (20th century), social history, documentary films (Israel)


Maimonides and the shaping of the Jewish Canon / James A. Diamond –

  • Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), Jewish philosophy, Jewish philosophers, e- books, Dawsonera



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