Donation of Igbo books to SOAS Library

By dsw|May 3, 2016|Africa, Linguistics, Literature|0 comments


As part of the SOAS Centenary celebrations Mr Godson Echebima has very kindly donated seven Igbo titles to the Library.  Mr Echebima taught in the SOAS Language Centre from 2003-2014.  In addition to his teaching and scholarship he is one of the founding conveners of the annual international Igbo Conference held at SOAS.

His books are now available in the Library:

1. A Textbook of Igbo Grammar

2. A Textbook of Igbo Linguistics

3. Essential English – Igbo Vocabulary (for Students)

4. Nkeiruka (Igbo Drama)

5. Ugomma (Igbo Drama)

6. Ako Na Uche (Igbo Poetry)

7. Abu Ekele Dike (Igbo poetry)

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