Religions and Philosophy collections: March additions

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This is a selection of titles (print and electronic) added to the Religions and Philosophy collections during March 2016. Click on the hyperlink to go through to the Library catalogue entry


Comparative and thematic

Transforming the void: embryological discourse and reproductive imagery in East Asian religions / edited by Anna Andreeva and Dominic Steavu –

  • China, Japan, comparative religious studies, religion and gender, sex (religious aspects), embryology (religious aspects), human reproduction (religious apsects)

The Jihad of Jesus: the sacred nonviolent struggle for justice / Dave Andrews –

  • Christianity, Islam, non-violence (religious aspects), interfaith relations, Jesus Christ (in Islam), war (religious aspects), social justice (religious aspects)

Changing forms and cultural identity: religious and secular iconographies: papers from the 20th conference of the European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art held in Vienna from 4th to 9th of July 2010 / Deborah Klimburg-Salter & Linda Lojda (eds.) –

  • South Asia, religious art and antiquities, art (religious aspects), congresses

The New Atheist denial of history / Bordern W. Painter –

  • Atheism, religion (historiography)

In the shadow of Mount Sinai: a footnote on the origins and changing forms of total membership / Peter Sloterdijk ; translated by Wieland Hoban –

  • Religious fundamentalism, anger (religious aspects), comparative religious studies, religion and sociology, religion and politics, anthropology of religion,

Empire, church and society in the late Roman Near East Greeks, Jews, Syrians and Saracens: (collected studies, 2004-14) / Fergus Millar –

  • Judaism, Christianity, Roman Empire, Jewish history, Church history, Syriac language (texts), interfaith relations, Palestine (ancient), Middle East (ancient)


The ten great birth stories of the Buddha: the Mahānipāta of the Jātakatthavaṇṇanā / translated and introduced by Naomi Appleton and Sarah Shaw ; foreword by Peter Skilling –

  • Buddhism, Buddhist literature, Gautama Buddha, Jataka stories


The ‘Fifth Veda’ of Hinduism / Ithamar Theodor –

  • Hinduism, sacred texts (Hindu), Puranas, Bhāgavatapurāṇa


Temptations of power: Islamists and illiberal democracy in a new Middle East / Shadi Hamid –

  • Islamic fundamentalism , Islam and politics, e-books, Dawsonera

 Anglican enlightenment: Orientalism, religion and politics in England and its empire, 1648-1715 / William Bulman. –

  • Imperialism (British), colonies (British), history (17th century), history (18th century), cultural history, social history, Orientalism, Church of England, religion and politics, e-books, Dawsonera


The masters of truth in Archaic Greece / Marcel Detienne ; foreword by Pierre Vidal-Naquet ; translated by Janet Lloyd –

  • Philosophy (ancient), religion (Greece), truth (concept)

Questioning ethics: contemporary debates in philosophy / edited by Richard Kearney and Mark Dooley – [also available as an e-book]

  • Ethics (philosophy)

What is ancient philosophy? / Pierre Hadot ; translated by Michael Chase –

  • Philosophy (ancient), philosophy (comparative studies)

From destiny to Dao: a survey of pre-Qin philosophy in China / Huang Kejian –

  • Philosophy (Chinese), philosophers (China), philosophy (ancient)

Chinese philosophy: an introduction = Zhe xue / Ronnie L. Littlejohn –

  • Philosophy (Chinese), philosophers (China)


Questioning ethics [electronic resource]: contemporary debates in philosophy / edited by Richard Kearney and Mark Dooley. –  [also available in print]

  • Ethics (philosophy), e-books, ebrary

Wisdom and philosophy: contemporary and comparative approaches / edited by Hans-Georg Moeller and Andrew Whitehead. –

  • Comparative philosophy, wisdom (concept), e-books, Dawsonera





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