Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica collections: March additions

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This is a selection of titles (print and electronic) added to the Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica collections during March 2016. Click on the hyperlink to go through to the Library catalogue record for each item

Please note that this subject division also includes books on contemporary Israel and Palestine

Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

Mon dieu qu’ai-je fait? : Les diĝir-šà-dab-ba et la piété privée en Mésopotamie / Margaret Jacques; avec une contribution de Daniel Schwemer –

  • Akkadian language, Sumerian language, Hittite language, cuneiform texts, Assyro-Babylonian religion, prayers (Assyro-Babylonian)

Mujeres y derecho en el Próximo Oriente antiguo : la presencia de mujeres en los textos jurídicos cuneiformes del segundo y primer milenios a.C. / Josué J. Justel –

  • Cuneiform inscriptions, women and law (Babylonia), legal documents (Babylonia), social history, women’s history, gender studies

Current research in cuneiform palaeography proceedings of the workshop organized at the 60th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Warsaw 2014 / edited by Elena Devecchi, Gerfried G.W. Müller, Jana Mynarova –

  • Cuneiform inscriptions, cuneiform texts, congresses

Die Kültepetexte aus der Sammlung Frida Hahn, Berlin / hrsg., übersetzt und erklärt von Julius Lewy – [published 1930]

  • Akkadian language (texts)

The splintered divine: a study of Ishtar, Baal, and Yahweh divine names and divine multiplicity in the ancient Near East / by Spencer Allen –

  • Gods (Assyro-Babylonian), Gods (Canaanite), God (Judaism), Ishtar (Assyro-Babylonian deity), Baal (Canaanite deity), name of God, comparative religious studies

Écrire la magie dans l’antiquité. Actes du colloque international (Liège, 13-15 octobre 2011). Magali De Haro Sanchez –

  • Magic (ancient), comparative studies, congresses

Hebrew and other Semitic languages

Ben ha-Arets = Native / Sayed Ḳashuʻa. [also available in English]

בן הארץ = Native / סייד קשוע –

  • Modern Hebrew, journalism (Hebrew), wit and humour (Hebrew), satire (Hebrew), Palestinian Arabs, Jewish-Arab relations, Sayed Qashu

In the demon’s bedroom: Yiddish literature and the early modern / Jeremy Dauber –

  • Yiddish, Yiddish literature

Jewish Studies

Two Arabs, a Berber, and a Jew: entangled lives in Morocco / Lawrence Rosen –

  • Jewish diaspora (Morocco), Jews (Morocco), Berbers (Morocco), Arabs (Morocco), social conditions (Morocco)

The burdens of brotherhood: Jews and Muslims from North Africa to France / Ethan B. Katz –

  • Jewish diaspora (France), Muslim diaspora (France), Jews (France), Muslims (France), cultural assimilation (France), social integration (France), ethnic relations (France)

 Modern Israeli and Palestinian Studies

Hamas, popular support and war in the Middle East: insurgency in the Holy Land / Richard Davis – [also available as an e-book]

  • Arab-Israeli conflict, Gaza Strip, terrorism (Middle East), Hamas, Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-Islāmīyah

Late modern Palestine: the subject and representation of the second intifada / Laura Junka-Aikio –

  • Palestinian Arabs, Al-Aqsa Intifada, war and society (Israel)

Native : dispatches from an Israeli-Palestinian life / Sayed Kashua ; translated form the Hebrew by Ralph Mandel – [also available in Hebrew]

  • Palestinian Arabs (Israel), Jewish-Arab relations, wit and humour (Israeli), wit and humour (Hebrew), social conditions (Israel), journalism (Israel), Sayed Qashu

Dear brothers: the West Bank Jewish underground / Haggai Segal. –

  • West Bank, Jewish-Arab relations, Gush emunim (Israel), political movements (West Bank), political movements (Jewish)

Small state mediation in international conflicts: diplomacy and negotiation in Israel-Palestine / Jacob Eriksson. –

  • Israeli-Arab conflict, diplomatic history, international mediation, international relations

Muslim-Christian relations in late Ottoman Palestine: where nationalism and religion intersect / by Erik Freas –

  • Palestine, history (19th century), history (20th century), Ottoman Empire, interfaith relations, missionaries (Christian), missionaries (Palestine), Islam, religion and politics, nationalism

Laughter in Occupied Palestine: comedy and identity in art and film / Christoula Lionis –

  • Gaza Strip, West Bank, Israeli-Arab conflict, social conflict. politics and culture, motion pictures and politics, social conflict and art, social conflict and literature,


Legal pluralism in the Holy City: competing courts, forum shopping, and institutional dynamics in Jerusalem / Ido Shahar, University of Haifa, Israel –

  • Jerusalem, Islamic courts (Jerusalem), Palestinian Arabs (legal status), e-books, Dawsonera

Hamas, popular support and war in the Middle East: insurgency in the Holy Land / Richard Davis – [also available in print]

  • Arab-Israeli conflict, Gaza Strip, terrorism (Middle East), Hamas, Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-Islāmīyah, e-books, Dawsonera

Israel’s wars [electronic resource]: a history since 1947 [4th edn] / Ahron Bregman – [also available in print]

  • Israel, history (20th century), contemporary history, Arab-Israeli conflict, e-books, Dawsonera

Jews and their foodways / edited by Anat Helman –

  • Judaism, food (religious aspects), history of food, anthropology of food, Jewish cooking, e-books, Dawsonera
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